Steps towards being shy (pemalu)

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I have many students. 90% are girls.  Some are very shy and some are more daring than boys.

In this short writings let us dwell on  shy girls first then we shall touch on the daring ones.

Shy girls - their characteristics:

first:  their voice can be hardly heard.  If you step on the cockroach, the bones of the cockroach that broke is louder than the voice of the shy girls.  Sometimes I got to go very near to their mouth.  Ouch .. they said 'correct ..your workings are correct'.  Oh by the way , i was a mathematics teacher/ lecturer in an I.T faculty. south of peninsular Malaysia.

second:  when they talk they like to hide their teeth.  Sometimes when I am angry .. i ask them 'what happen to your teeth , darling?'

third:  shy girls ..if they want to ask anything from me .. they will come to my room in fours, fives and sometimes the whole class.  When there is a crowd , of course .. they won't know who is their teacher after all.  I just disappear.

Now ..we go to daring girls.

This are the barbaric group.

Their characteristics are :

one -  they speak like boys. Loud and clear.  Sometimes my voice sound more feminine than theirs. (laugh)

two -  their dress.  Very daring.  You can see their cups dark green or red.  For a 45 - 50 year old man, those colours are very attractive but .. to young boys .. perhaps the colour change .. they may be imagining many things .. Dangerous!

third, they wear quite tight.  If they are 21 years old ..they would wear their young sisters clothing age 12 - 14 . As a result , everything looks so ...  revealing especially the frontal part of their jeans.

fourth ,  they walk like the boys.  Chest i front .. stomach inside.

and of course ..  astaghfirullah hal azeem.  That is what I said quietly after our interaction.

Summary:  I think it is good to talk direct and sharp.  Make sure your voice can be heard by the others.  In the interview, the panel wanted to hear your voice whether you can be a good teacher or not.  So your voice must be heard loud and clear all the time.

It is wise not to wear .. tight clothes. I heard you can't get babies .. because .. by wearing tight jeans ..your baby will get no oxygen down there ..

Ha..ha.. ha..

if you look at the Pakistani ladies in the 1960's ..they wear big seluar.  As a result they get many babies from 1 husband.

See?  it is pure biology.  The western ladies put on tight jeans 24/7  because they do not want so many children.  So if you go to the english park , many old british ladies play with their cats and puppies only.  He..he..he.. that is my observation . Pardon me please, if I am not correct.

To be safe ..take the middle road please.  Practice shyness at the right time for girls please  and ..  stay tough, stubborn , rude  at the other challenging  times.  God willing .. Allah takes care of you. Ameen.

Till then .. good bye girls.



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