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Dear readers.
I love my dad very much just like any human on earth. Don't you love your daddy too? Even though he is not so handsome like Ronaldo, Spain, Obama of USA or Saddam Hussein of Iraq .. he is still your father, right? You can't get him from any supermarkets in Klang Valley,Malaysia or Silicon Valley, California. He is just so unique. You heard his iqomah the first minute u exit from ur mum's womb.

Why do I bother writing about my dad. Because if we do not write about him who else would. Do you expect Tun Mahathir writing about your late dad. Gracious me! he certainly won't unless he was so special in Mahathir's eyes. Right? Moreover my dad is not as highly educated as our PM. He managed to get Standard 3 certificate - during the Japanese invasion into Malaya.

The first good quality of my dad are as follows: My late dad loved his mum so much. He treated his mum like the Chief Princess of Iran. So special. He speaks softly and always crack jokes with his mum. Nasi Kapit is always the thing he brought for his mum everytime he came back from town while going his round to his mum's residence in Gaal Hilir. I remembered the day when my grandma passed away. I saw my dad crying sobbingly in my Proton car suggesting to his kids that his mum was everything to him. Yes. He always visit his mum in Pasir Puteh - Gaal. A very good good son who never say 'agh' even any bit.
Imagine he always visit his mum the first day he got his pension RM400 at the end of every month year (1983-2002). With that money he visited his relatives too in Alor Lintah, Besut and all his others relatives where ever they are. He drinks simple coffee after subuh in masjid besar muhhamdi kota bharu every day. Smoking is haram under his wings. He exercised a lot by walking to the big market. He walks to the masjid, takes part in the village tahlils, and he likes farming. He grows rambutan, langsat, chiku, duku, nangka, chempedak etc etc. His hands was very productive. (I write in Present Tenses - because he is always in my mind). Sometimes after his round in his 'kebun' he brought home a car full of rambutan which were shared by amany homes in Desa Telipot, Kota Bharu. Such was my dad.

He loves his wife. He is ready to buy anything - soup, thai food for his only wife come rain or hot. See my ayah? If I were my mum, I would ask my husband to buy KFC, Tom yam and what not.

Even though my ayah was not an ustaz, i can learn a lot from him. He walks his talk. Discipline - don't waste money. He never quarrel with his neighbours. If his neighbours talked bad about him, he would it respond it with inviting them for dinner in our home. He brought rambutan, nangka, langsat, ciku for his enemies in the police barrack Tumpat, Kelantan. Yes. I knew my dad's enemies in the police barrack. They always bbelittle my dad's ability to lead the barrack. So basically my ayah is just a diamond. He died in his car ..yes inside the oldest car in Taman Desa Telipot, Kota Bharu .. Toyota KE 30 ... 1975 model even though he has few pieces of lands in pasir puteh. That day, I could still remember it very well, when I bought Kelisa for my dear wife since I was already posted to Johor leaving behind my wife with few other chilren .. he was talking highly about the kelisa. I should have bought that Kelisa for u dad. So sorry dad. I miss the clear signs that you really wanted a car like Kelisa too. Oh.. how could I ayah? How can I afford 2 kelisas at one time. Plz forgive me ayah. I never intend to hurt you. When I brought home the Kelisa I never thought you were also there waiting for the new baby 'Kelisa' in 2002. I saw your eyes were beaming with pride. His son managed to buy a new car at last. (check: I always drive a second hand car - inspite of me graduating from England for 15 years in the polytechnic ). Yeah!

Second quality. After my dad passes away after 2 years ..suddenly his old friend from Penang came. Yes he visited me and my family after 2 years my dad passed away. Oh..how excited but sad .. he had missed the news - his best friend had gone for ever. He talked about my late dad. All his good deeds and nice touches among police friends all over this country. My dads service span at least across 5 states in Malaysia - Selangor, Johor, Pahang, Trengganu and Kelantan. See.. my dad! if your dad is not so special..there won't be any one from his clans or old friends and foess who would visit me after those 2 long years we sent ayah to the next world. Only special type of person could attract such beautiful, and high quality friends and clans), right? May Allah meet us in Jannah ayah. Ameen. For you readers ..plz value your dad as much as you value your mum. Treat him well as well as you treat your close friends from Yayasan Saad Tanjung Malim, Sheffield, MRSM PC, SMU Maahad Muhammdi P, UTP, MRSM Kedah, Matrics Melaka, Naim Lilbanat, Kolej Islam, UIA, SM Sri Gading etc etc. AlFathihah. Doa.

One day a jamaah dakwah came and visit him. After that he went for 3 days in tabligh. Pulau apa tah in Kota Bharu/Tumpat area. After that he always pray in the mosque and took part in the reading of taklim (hadiths) in the mosque. Ayah. U r so special before, now and forever. Plz forgive me ayah for all my misdeeds to you. Verily I have done a big wrong. Please ROBB forgive me (cry). Please don't let the wheel of life repeats itself unto me when I am still alive plz. Ya Robb. Al Fatihah.


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Hargai lah 5 perkara sebelum datang 5 perkara

1) Muda sebelum tua
2) Sihat sebelum sakit
3) Lapang sebelum sibuk gila
4) Kaya berduit sebelum papa
5) Hidup sebelum mati

Actually all these come and go all the time. We can die anytime. No matter where we are and in what position we are in. Why? Accidents can rob our life anytime. Just read the newspapers. Today we learnt that he/she/they got killled accidents on the road, air, water, factories etc etc. Who knows our turn can come soon at any time. So be ready myself (I am calling to myself first) and my dear readers. Just see how much sadness were painted in the faces of the loved ones once an air accident happen in Spain, Russia, Indonesia. The probability of that thing happening to us is also there if we are frequent flyers abroad going for conferences etc etc. So watch out .. Ingat pada Allah banyak2. Istifargh. Subhanallah alhamdulilah n allahu akbar.

to pea

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So what happen?

You must be so busy right?


never mind.

2) I dok tunggu progress n this web ni. Hope it looks nice and better control.

TQ. wasallam.

submitting my work at at last alhamdulilah

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Dear readers

Today is an important day for me. The day where I have to submit my thesis phd to the graduate school. Only to Allah I supply my prayers so that all sweat will be rewarded handsomely in this dunia and akhirat. Ameen.

I hope this struggle will be a source of inspiration for my own children to struggle n seek what u want .. and never say die until death calls u apart. If u do that Allah will help you my dear children. Surely Allah rewards you with all the pardons n thazwab lillah hi taala.

Till then good bye my children. Take care. Wasallam.

Refocus our life

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Today I changed the title of my blog. From 'dari Universiti UTHM' kepada 'Suara hati ayah'. I think that is much better. I don't want my UTHM get any credit or harm from my writing in the blog. Much safer this way. He..he..

2) O yes we have to change in our focus. Yes daily focus. From doing job to earn money to doing anything for the pleasure of Allah alone. Then everything we do get rewards from the Almighty Allah. Insyallah. Imagine I am writing good things for u and me. Every bit of my writings, insyallah, will carry rewards. For example, let us read 10 ayat of the Holy Quraan daily. Then if u act upon what I wrote just now, then what you get from the recitation of the holy quraan the thzawab / pahala will get into ur account of good deedss plus my account too. Thats is a good business right? Better than MLM type of buisness. Laugh.

3) I love reading. The paper I like to read is SUNDAY STAR. Inside it you can find a section called EDUCATION. This is the place where many good teachers write somethingg about their university, schools and pupils they are teaching. You can get many good tips about teaching in this paper such as attitude, motivation and perception that somehow play a major role in the day to day activity of teaching and learning at schools. Try n read ok.

I think thats all for now. I am researching something called computer ethics and issues. Gonna teach it this Khamis. So long my readers. Wasallam.

Tashhkil dakwah ptg ni

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Today kena tasshkil. Raqb jiranku ajak kuar dakwah. Insyallah saya akan ambik bahagian . Sedikit sedikit puntak apa kerana hari nak hujan ni. Manalah tahu sedikit susah payah ini diterima oleh Allah untuk hidayah saya dan keluarga. Ameen.

2) Actually kerja dakwah .. we must all do it by hook or by crook. My anak fromUIA kata ex-rockers di kuala Lumpur pun dah mula-mula berjinak-jinak dengan masjid dan kerja-kerja dakwah fi sabilillah. Baguslah. Ringan sedikit kerja ustaz, ustazah dan alim alim kita. Tak kan depa jer nak pikul buat kerja agama. We must do it together. THen we can progress and be saved from the fire of hell where the contents of the hell is mainly man, woman like us. A u zubillah... ( may god safe us). there is a hadith that says '.. a day morning or evenng in the path of allah is better than what ever the world 7 heavens and 7 earths , it contains...". why? this world is very temporary. Akhirat is eternal ..for ever and ever .. abadi abada.. for ever and everjust look at farahh fawcett.. she got cancer and passed away. her glamour can not save her from death. Similar are the other famous football stars .. u name them and they are all .. one day die! See the king. Who was the famous king ..Pharoah.. of Eygpt. he was drowned by allah during his chasing for Prophet Musa a.s. The rich king was sank into the bottom of the ocean. Dead!

THerefore lets .. do dakwah. The remaining time we have is so limited. If we do something now, hidayat may come and we might be safe from the wrath of Allah. Ameen. May Allah accept me and you my readers for this work of nabuwat (work of the prophets). Doing dakwah where ever we go. Insyallah. Come brother. Take this job as the real job .. the only job he has assigned us in this dunia.

TQ. Wasallam.

Tanggung jawab seorang ayah

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Assalamualaikum and a Good good morning Malaysia

Yes. As a father I has few great responsibilities. One of them is called 'hantar and ambik anak kat sekolah." The time to send her is just about 10 minutes. But in that 10 minutes we can read Quraan together from memory. The recitation is usually AlFatihah, Qul Huwallu ahad, Qul A u zu .. falak and Qul A u ..nasssszzz. I think it is more than 10 ayats. In one hadiths if we read at least 10 ayats of the Quraan daily , we r not considered as the unforgetfuls. Thats it! so easy. Sometimes we read Zikir like Sub ha nallah, Alhamdulilahh and Allahu hukbar.. Salawat to our great NABI MUHAMMAD s.a.w. 1 salawat we get 10 greetings from the angels and the AlMighty Allah.

2) After the recitation sometimes we talk about the school, examinatio, health, school uniforms, school teachers , favourite subjects etc etc.

Thats it! so simple. I think in a week I can talk to my youngest girl at least 50 minutes .. and this 50 minutes is considered quality time. Usually after the Quraan, our hearts are soft and it easy to hear good advise from the daddy. Sometimes from her feedback wecan plan what to do next like ..she ask me about some references like Contribution of Muslims scientists at the present age. So I go to my office and start google and print out the contribution of Prof Dr Mustafa Mat Deris in the field of soft set mathematics. I also print the contribution of Prof Dr Jaafar Sahari and Prof Dr Masjuki Hassan (both Leeds alumni) in the field of mechanical engineering. So thats' it. So simple. At night when we are watching TV .. we will talk about the listing and printing.

3) Why do we do that? Because I have a big responsibility bringing her up in a good muslim environment and the most important thing is to impact good understanding of ethics and social values accepted by the Al Mighty Allah. In the day of Kiamah, one of the questions that I have to answer is .. how do u raise up ur family? This encompasses two other questions called "how do you earn ur living and how do u spend the money?." See those questions. So short but .. very difficult to answer orally and also practically. The money must be obtained correctly for example if you are entrusted to mark 100 papers then I must mark those papers according to the correct scheme of marks set out by the faculty. See the word 'mark.. correct ..' in onestraight line. It must be done the best that I can then my money is considered halal in the eyes of Allah.

4) Today I got to lecture more than 100 students on Ethics , Computers and Values. The talk will cover Kantianism, Ulitilirism, and Moral and Social Contract Theory in the world of IT. Plagiarism, Copy right laws are also included. Ohhsss..two hour lecture man.

Ok thats all my writings today. have a great day and pray that I can return hime safely ever after. Ameen.

Attitude perception dah berubah generasi demi generasi

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I begin my writing with Bismillahi..and Al Fatihah. Don't forget 1 salawat to our beloved nabi.

I want to write something on today's generation regarding attitude, motivation and perception.

Atttude = some say that the older generation are much better because we came from poor families in the rural areas. We were trained to walk many distances and we didn't complain going to school, work and etc. Todays generation are very fortunate. Firstly the BN government has provided many facilities like buses and free milk at school. Secondly they are very pampered by their own parents and siblings. Thus there is nothing strange that a child does want to go to school if the parents do not provide them with handphone, personal computer and etc etc. So attitude has changed from somone who was trained to walk in the hot sun to school with someone who are very much pampered. Going to school and anywhere driven by their mums and dads. It is hard to see them appreciating our gift as compared to our friends in 1970s where after SPM their parents could only afford to give RM35 watch like TIMEX. Now the gifts could go as far as 3days/2 night trip to Bandung. Imagine?

Perception = According to Slavin(1995) and Felder and Brent(2004) man perceives differently at 2 different sets of time. The hard and bad times. If in the olden days a student did not attend classes for 3 days they could be expelled from school (without any strong excuses) but at present not many HEADS of schools dare to expel children who came late after their mid year holiday break from Europe/USA. Just check the newspapers. Now the parents are very strong. If the teachers beat the children , these so called parents will come to school and start attacking the teachers. Pity those disciplinary teachers at school. They got beaten by the parents who sometmes come with gangsters. Their cars got scratched just because they 'denda' the students to stand on their chairs on the football pitch in the hot sun. Thus the children now perceive that the schools are very weak. thus they respect very little the sacrifice of their teachers who are willingly .. doing anything to get the target 100% A's in mathematics come shine or rain. See? The perception we had shown to the knowledge at school has suddenly gone down into the drain. This year we gave Prof Dr Ibrahim bin Bajunid (ex-boss Sri Layang) tokoh guru. I supported that strongly but there is nothing wrong to give that type of award to teachers who are still surviving after they had recieved 1000 beatings and tortures by parents and society in the urban areas like Klang Valley. Another perception is teaching is soft. Why? 70% school teachers are mainly ladies. So where has the men gone hiding..hah?

This is a hard topic. We are motivated based on certain important factors. Lets talk from the students' point of view. If the teachers came to the classes fully prepared, they could be well motivated. So does the impact of good teaching and learning environment at schools. If there is less disciplinary problems then the teaching will be very good and consequently the students are very motivated. Some of us adults are motivated to work a bit harder, if we got a pay raise. Say with SPM qualification we were given the task to head a primary school in east coast of malaysia . WE are motivated because based on SPM we are given many chances to attend imprtant meetings in Kuala Lumpur. So far I have wrote man are motivated if there is an extrisc reward like a pay raise. If the teachers came with some ABM ( alat bantu mengajar) and the ABM works then the students are motivated to learn more on that topic say algebra. Unfortunately , pay raise has short term impact of worker's productivity. There must be some inner intrinsic rewards attached to hard work in schools and offices. This is called IMAN. If we have strong iman, we worked harder for the sake of Allah. THe rewards are jannah (heaven). Eternal reward for ever and ever.

In sum, attitude, motivation and perception play important roles in our day to day functioning. Right? he..he.. But let us function a bit better than yesterday for the sake of allah, shall we?

Wallahu allam.

Time is gold

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Today just returned from Kuching, Sarawak. Great place .. and very clean. Good keep it up.

2) Pagi ni .. biasalah pergi cari Prof Dr Wahid and Prof Dr Maizam. ask them to sign my borang .. to submit thesis into the SENAT. BTW its also raining .. may be this act brings barakah ..since the rain coming down so heavily today.

3) Plan to kemas my opis so that it will look a bit better than the Pak Guard's hut outside there . opposite the mamak's shop. then i got few students who wanted to complain about the maths marks. Well just layan dah ler. Do ur best.

4) as the title suggest. we must take care of our time very properly. Better to say Subhanallah Alhamdulilah n Allahu Akbar .. if not doing anything. Right? the greatest zikir that one. Don't miss any day without saying this zikir and extend our salam to our holy prophet s.a.w. Every salawat we send to our beloved prophet .. the angels send 10 blessings to us ..folks. Good isn't it? To share , i make it a point to read little surahs of the holy quraan daily especially during the morning drive to my little girls' school in Sri Gading. thats all folks. time is gold. don't waste it shall we?


Kuching INFOSYS 2010 short course

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Today Saturday. I think at this my students are boarding on their way to Sarawak. UNIMAS INFOSYS. I would like to say Congratulation to u fella .. for taking the decision to join INFOSYS 3 month course in Computing Tech Know and Tech How. He..he..great isn't it ..eating and drinking 25000 feet above sea level?

Hopefully after this you can look back and say "..ya.. I learnt and met a lot of skilled IT professionals. and I will use it for the betterment of all mankind..".

2) I am preparing to fly there tommorow. Just trying to get some IT books on ethics and issues relating to IT ,, so that I can catch up reading .. many new IT things thats happening around us.

WELL DONE! have a great time in SARAWAK.


post ijazah doktor falsafah

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today they bersidang .. and they told me I lulus.

Alhamdulilah. Syukur lah semua nya.

Next step . I nak buat buku. Buku maths for my students today, tomorrow, and the days to come. What a relieve. A new born doctoral graduate. Watch out world . Insyallah I will do my best for Islam, myself and the world. If Pathagoras was famous for that formula .. insyallah I try to break some .. into the world of maths dunia melayu + indonesia + brunei + thailand. I think thats good enough right.

TQ. Wasallam.

kuching kuching pulakkkk

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Rezki manusia siapa yang tahu kan? Untung ayam nampak di kaki ..untung manusia siapa yang tahu. Ada satu kisah. After belajar di London, anak orang FELDA Jengka 18 masuk meminang anak orang kaya IPOH. Dipendekkan cerita .. they got married and they lived happily ever after. See the power of educations from Felda J18, STAR, London, and straight into the arms of a rich family in Perak. See. Betul kata Allahyarham Tun Razak ( education can change one's life).

Saya insyallah this Monday 17 May 2010 ... God Willing .. I will be in UNIMAS. Infosys punya pasal. Ganti orang kuat FTMM. Laugh. Walaubagaimana pun saya akan buat / jalankan tugas yang terbaik. Tak pernah lagi abah ke sana. My first time.

See lah.. what I will do there. The conclusion is : .. you must work hard in anything u r doing. Plz. Doa to Allah ..rezki u luas di seluruh dunia. Alhamdulilah.


aah don't worry

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I started with that words "...aahhh". Don't worry.

Well if you failed in the presentation , don't be so sad. You still got another chance next semester. Right?

2) You can improve on your grades. If you think it carefully, .. why they failed you in the first place? Then there are 2 main reasons. Firstly, you have been working on the project all alone by your own self. In fact it is better to come and talk to your supervisor ..while you are constructing the system IT> Secondly, you are too confident with your system that you may have overlooked at the calculation part .. as something so minor. That's why .. you were fired in the presentation. In fact why didn't you come and see me after the first presentation and explain which part of the calculation that was causing the trouble. I was kept in the dark. Today I met Puan Zana. She explaine why she f..led you. After bla bla bla .. I took all the courage to swallow that fact. you r my best hope .. after seeing your system functioning so well that day.

ok then. learn the hard fact. BTW I passed those that presented their work on Tuesday. 50%. whats the fuss .. just 50%. at least they can graduate ..n seek for jobs .. thats my feeling.

TQ, wasallam.


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how to present?

steps 1. - show the proof of the testings og your systems
step 2 - ur power point
step 3 - highlight ur system work
step 4 - if cant work , say so ..n explain why. try not to show u r weak

20 minutes only. then the heaven opens for u. job after grad IT. insya allah. good luck.


project presentation

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today i was entrusted to examine few psm projects under ftmm with 2 other experts from my faculty. One of them is a doctorate and me just about to be a 'dr' too. most of those who presented today passed but i .. failed a few of them too. The weaknesses were:

1. bad reporting - thesis writing so bad. Bertarabur.

2. the computer system didn't work as what their objectives state them to be

example: objectif to send e-mail to the manager but in the presentation the e-mails could not be send out at all. so s/he failed. sorry mate!

3. no evidence there was any expert who had tried their systems. those who showed came with the testers were their housemates only. what a bad impression that was?

4. not impressive at all as far as their dressing, talking etc etc.

So the morale of the story is - plz do well in your project presentations. it means a lot man.. it can get you work once u graduate from ftmm.

tq. wasallam.

Tazkirah Mei 2010

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I am given an opportunity to give out tazkirah for myself and my friends in FTMM. The title of the talk is "DOA - what, where, why, how and when doa ?'

2) Sounds simple. But the gist of the talk is - we have to create extra effort to make doa. Why did I say so? Becuase we are asking something from the CREATOR of all creations. Imagine we are asked to apply for a promotion say a post of a professor. Imagine how many pages .. w have to find evidence about our worth .. writing journuls, reports, books, grants, products etc etc ..proving the worthiness of our promotion. We create all the pages. We provide all the proofs. Similar is to Allah. We must create the time to make doa. Is 5 minutes doa enough ? Is 20 minutes doa good enough or should it be less than a minute? I remembered my late friend Prof Dr Abdul Ghani Kamaruddin (UM - Mechanical Eng. Department) ..he once suggested us .. if for dunia we are spending so much time asking so and so ..what more the time we must create ourselves seriiously in asking many favours from ALLAH Azawajalla.? Sometimes we ask from Allah but our mind is some where else. How unfortunate r we? Did we not realize Allah is in front of us?

3) What more with Allah. Are we not suppose to be more careful, tactful with our asking (doa) from Allah. Is our soul ready to ask so and so? Examples we want our children to be a good one but .. are we good to ourselves in the first place? We want good health .. but in the mea time we smoking again and again without end. So our asking ..must be parallel to our doing 24 hours of the day.

ok thats all my writing for today. Think about it my dear readers. May we get hidayah from HIM alone. Ameen.


Exam Paper Maths Discrete

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Today my paper. Hope my students seramai 55 orang (actually 288 students sitting it) will be able to answer the question very well. Insyallah. Four sections of students in this case. many chinese students ex-STPM.

As a teacher I wish them very well and all the best.

If they do well in maths I have the feeling they can do masters in IT, Computers Science and what not. God Willing of course. They can read and understand journals ..etc etc in mathematics and statistics.

Take care.

Al fatihah. wal Asri.


when you are invited

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When you are invited to join a course like AKEPT in Impiana Hotel Kuala Lumpur and Holiday Inn Melaka you can be considerd very lucky indeed. They taught us how to commercilaize our product (research from the universities) and many more important steps like commercialize and making patents.

We are so happy to be invited in such an occasion. From the talks those that came were nominated by the respective universities. How lucky we are?

2) Now I would like to call myself(first) and my readers .. to many occasions when the call of prayers are made by the muazzin especially Dawn Prayers ( in Malaysia it is about 0530 am ). Fortunate indeed are those who make all out effort to attend to the dawn prayers in the mosque. They are lucky because Allah invited them. Allah the one that gives us sustenance, blessings and many more ( refer to Ausah Ar Rahman .. which blessings/nikmat can u deny?). If we are so happy to be invited by AKEPT then we must be 1000 times more happy if we are invited by our ROBB the creator of all creations. But alas.. if we see there are so many insans in the mosque, there are still many others who are praying at home alone by themselves... if there are millions praying at their homes .. rest assured that there are many more who did not do their prayers at home/ office or any part of the earth. So this is the thing we must worry as the ummah of Rasulullah s.a.w

3) Why must we worry? rasulullah s.a.w is the rahmatul alamin. His ummah must be also rahmatul alamin. WE care for every body. The first thing we are going to be asked by Allah in his Court is ..about solahhh (daily prayers). If this is OK then many other questions asked by HIM will be (insyallah) be OK but if it is not OK .. then the coming other questions will be a big burden for us to find the answers. There fore we must carry on the work of our blessed prophet muhammad s.a.w to all corners of the world.

Wallahu alam.


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Today abh plan to print my work. But nampaknya ada problem dengannya after I put appendix kedalam body of chapters. Ada 5 chapters di dalam kerja abah.

Doa for me my son plz. I need to hantar benda ini cepat cepat.

Tak tahu lah nak print pun susah. Kerja abah 500 pages (including appendix).

Hanya Allah Taala yang dapat membantu kita di saat saat kritikal ini. Ameen. I have done my best .. no more talent that I have except HE if he SENDS to me thousands and thousands of angels to help me today. Ya ROOBBB plz help me... tears.