Sejarah membebel

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Ibu bapa membebel kepada anak anaknya di rumah.
Semakin ramai anak, proses membebelnya semakin lama.

Kadang kadang menyakitkan.

Ibu membebel pasal  A,B, C
sedangkan ayah membebel perkara X,Y dan Z.

Kadang kadang anak pun bosan.  SEtiap hari benda yang sama.

1.  kemaskan bilik tidur itu
2.  mana buku dan beg sekolah engkau?
3.  homework tak siap siap
4.  subuh gajah kak long?
4b.  siapa tak basuh cawan niii... nak masuk sekolah dah ni.


5.  tandas ..ada orang tak flush najisnya
6.  tabung duit adik siapa yang pecahkan
7.  TV semalam ..siapa tak tutup-tutup  tu?

Sebenarnya bila anak anak anak sudah meningkat dewasa ..mereka ttak suka dibebelkan lama lama.

Di sekolah guru guru menyambung pasal membebel ini

8.  mana calculator awak?
9.  kenapa tak siap lukisan peta Malaysia  ..seminggu dah saya berikan tugasan ini?

10.  kenapa lantai kelas kotor ni?  siapa ON Duty
11.  macam macam

Di Malaysia ramai orang membebel dari pagi , petang ke malam.
Sakit telinga dan hati.

--Apa faedah membebel?
Biar anak sedar ..kerja mereka tak betul tu.
Biar murid murid tahu ..siapa guru mereka di sini.  He..he..he..

Kalau disukat .. tebal jugak telinga murid murid di Negara ini.


Dalam kalangan guru guru pun, ada guru suka membebel.
Terutama guru kanan. OH not again...  the same 'f' words.

Mesti ada soalan begini.

12.  Cikgu mana ..tak park kereta dia molek molek..  Guru Besar nampak masam cetung jah  tadi!
13.  Lampu tandas guru ..kenapa tak padam selepas digunakan.
14.  Tu  kelas buat bising ..siapa tak masuk kelas niii?

Pendek kata... Negara ini ..  bilangan pembebelan tertinggi sekali apatah lagi ..
ada 3 bangsa, 3 agama dan ..

Bangsa melayu  stail membebelnya lain dari
 Bangsa cina. Apatah lagi ..
Bangsa india ..  macam macam ..

tujuan utama ..

* biar ada orang dengar kata boss
** biar anak menjadi orang bertanggung jawab
**  biar isteri/ guru guru di bawahnya  buat kerja ..ikut masa, sempurna
dan lain-lain lagi.

Kasihan ..jadi orang bawah.

Dalam politik
PM dan Menteri membebel juga

terutama musim PRU ini.

Siapa belum turun ke padang lagi?

Duit peruntukan yang banyak ..kenapa belum sampai ke tangan rakyat jelata lagi?

Macam macam ..sakit telinga.

Ini menimbulkan stress.
Rakyat yang stress ..mereka tak sihat.  Penyakit darah tinggi, stroke, sawn babi .. semua IN

Kalau lawan bola ..mereka selalu kalah.
Why?  hati mereka bengkak ..kena membebel dari coach hingga ke Pengurus.  DEpa tak tahu ke ..pemain melayu mana kuat berlari nak lawan pasukan Nigeria itu.

Pemandu bas ..bila selalu dibebelkan
mereka bawa bas express ..  tiba tiba ..semua penumpangnya mati.

Gilanya  drebar niiii !!

Pensyarah di politeknik dan university pun begitu juga.
Mereka tak suka dibebelkan maklumlah ..

di rumah tadi
macam macam dah kena tembak.

Tiba tiba dalam mesyuarat Dekan ..Tanya pasal research dan publication dari beberapa buah fakulti dan  jabatan.
Kau ingat senang ?  He..he..he..

Di masjid
pak imam ..  marah marah ..kain pelikat ..selalu hilang.
pak imam ..marah marah juga ..  kenapa makmum cepat turun ?.. dan meninggalkan masjid tanpa berdoa dan berzikir terlebih dahulu. Tak sayang ke peluang .. nak minta doa dengan tuhan kita buat sama sama?

Entahlah ..  silap jadi rakyat negara ini.
Di Amerika, Finland , Mongolia begini jugok kor?


What we learnt from History

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History is one of the subjects in Malaysian secondary schools since Independence in 1957.  I took it in 1970-1972.  I scored A1 in LCE Lower Certificate of Euucation (age 15).  But I was stopped from studying this wonderful subject any further .. because I was forced studying sciences at that time.

2)  I like this subject because :

2.1  it is easier compared to Physics and Chemistry in the science laboratories
2.2  full of stories -  the Portuguese, the Dutch, English and Japanese
2.3 sometime, I read a history book under a tree while taking care of my families'  goat
2.4  good to feel the sense of gratitude , gratification and
2.5 many more

3)  What I learnt?

3.1  the Malays could not take care of themselves very well for
they are easily influenced by the other nations.  It is very true ..
I think they are like the grasses beside the highway.  If the wind comes from the east, they easily swayed to the east and if the wind comes from the west, the followed the wind.  They cannot stand still.

3.2 we like to listen to all kinds of stories

3.2.1  stories from Arabia - heaven, hell, obedience to the parents, Kings, rulers, PM prime ministers, benefits of eating dates, habatul saudaaa, olive oil, dobbbb
3.2.2  stories from the Indians  Mathama Ghandi, Jawahalal Nehru
3.2.3  stories from the Chinese  Mao Tse Tong
3.2.4  stories from the Japanese - samurai, Kamamoto
3.2.4  stories from the English  Queen Elizabeth,  Margaret Thatcher, English Premier League, 1966 World Cup with Booby Moore and Golden Banks
and many more.

That is why hindi film was very popular here.

If any Indians were to marry a malay, soon he became a malay ( after embracing Islam)
I think in this world, this country is the easiest to get citizenship.  Not only
it gives its woman , it also gives its citizenship.  Refer to the trend of marriages in Sabah and Serawak currently.

Brilliant! that is why we can see ..a malay look very similar to Amitabh Bachan or Bruce Lee.  NO wonder we start with 'M'  in malay which goes - MULTI DIMENSIONAL, multi skins, multi colors, manipulators.
THis is very different from United Kingdom!

3.3  the leaders like to tell stories

3.3. 1  without their sacrifice, the malays will die
3.3.2  without us getting together as one nation (umat) , we will be destroyed
3.3.3  the importance of UMNO , Barisan Nasional (BN)
 and the country as a whole
3.3.4  how rich our country is -  rubber, tin ore, petroleum and pineapples
3.3.5  the opposition parties cannot rule this country because they rely heavily on the Chinese and the Indians whom they say .. they are non muslims etc etc
3.3.6  after their season is over, say Tun Mahathir, the other rulers after him did not perform as expected
3.3.7  corruption 1MDB - where we are owing RM50 billion from overseas
3.3.8  the malay Kings, the malay rights, constitutions etc etc

3.4 the effect

3.4.1  so many YES man
look at the police force and the teachers.  At times they follow the ministers blindly.  We got many high profile cases involving MOngolia and we are no looker 'good' in maths and sciences.  But don't worry, we got many 'cooked up' stories in 2014 like a dying arab giving donation to our PM in the scale of RM2.6 billion!  yes billion ..  1000 million and surprisingly those amount went straight into the PM personal bank account.

3.4.2  many malays are too dependent on BN for many kinds of things -  scholarship, contract, jobs, business opportunities, trip to Mecca and etc etc

3.4.3  in short some of the people look so stupid

Ok I got to break.  Morning prayer time at 05:45 hours.

Excuse me please.  I am a muslim.

After prayer, I usually take few hours to continue this story.
I lost the momentum.

In a car, if the momentum is lost, it will take a bit extra time to run at the usual speed.  Say 120km/ hr.

So that's life!

3.5  What I think

3.5.1  this country enjoys so many public holidays.
Every year we got more than 20 days holidays -  Eid Mubarak, Chinese New Year,  Deepavali, Merry Chrismas, The King's birthday, Independence Day, 1 Muharram and ..

if a state won the football finals in Malaysia Cup,  then we went holiday again. ( ha..ha..ha..)

if it takes so many hours to gain momentum,
we cannot win many races.

if the students went holidays so many times a month, their mood to study seriously is lost.
The government is wasting so much time and money,
pumping into the children's head -  let us beat the world in Mathematics and Scinences.

The answer?  Impossible.  We are having so many holidays!

3.5.2  we are too afraid  trying any new thing

BN the ruling party is very clever.
It gives the people especially the malays so much luxury.
As a result, the people are too used to all sorts of good life.

HOw?  they provide jobs,  scholarship and business opportunities  to the people.
From reports, we got more than 1.6 million government servant.
More than half are malays.
Some are performing
and some don't.

This is where the danger comes in.

Imagine a fully qualified teacher versus 'non-qualified' teacher.

What is the effect to our children's education?

Imagine an honest policeman versus a corrupted policeman.

Imagine an honest PM against a corrupted PM.

Imagine in a school we have 90% of its staff  from Kelantan and the MOE is forcing the pupils to use 'bahasa baku'.  Do you think , it will work?  The bahasa baku , I mean?

If a school/ polytechnic/ university  contains more locals and they live so near the offices, they come to work with so many habits and costume.   As a result we cannot perform so highly as expected.

* oh the malays have this:

my parents are dying
my neighbor called me for help .. so I go shopping just now at 1000 am
 to help her,
many weddings
some staff went on leave - weddings, death and illnesses

trip to hajj
they marry a bit earlier.  So many babies coming.  More went maternity leave.  Pity the Head Master/ Principal.

3.5.3  now a party called AMANAH

support this please. This is our best chance to  bring down the corrupted ruling party.
We have 3M now -  Mahathir, Mahyudeen, Mukhriz  & the king of Johor (you say?)  [ ha..ha..ha..]


Malaysia is a peaceful country.
No wonder everybody is coming in.  It seems there is no point having Custom & Immigration units at the Malaysian borders .. soon every body can come in.

Last time we got Bosnians
now we get Rohingya and many other nationalities.

O my God.

tawakal in English

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We are asked to work and do lots and lots of tawakal to the Al Mighty Allah.

Tawakal means ..we rely all the results to HIM alone.

But before tawakal we have to push a bit harder in ..

1)  our daily work

if we are in business, we have to follow some steps like
promoting our goods,
get to know our customers
study their buying habits
selling it well (professionally)
and then we do the tawakal.

2)  our house

if we need a kid/ kids
we have to marry
Get a lady/ man.  Preferably
In Islam we called this union as 'marriage'
where many friends and relatives saw our big day together.
then we sleep as husband and wife
Many nights together happily ever after
then we do tawakal.

In sya Allah, the kids coming one after the other.
Some got 3 kids.
Some got 5.
Me?  I got 6.
I try a lot after that .. the same old story.  but I think Allah decides 6 is the best for me.
Some got 18.

Don't be silly.
Some people make serious doa to get a kid/ children.
Alas they are sleeping a lone all this while.

Allah rules .. we must mix between male and female.
then HE decides .. to give us a child or not.

Some got all healthy babies. Some got all sicked babis.  Some got none.
See?  it is Allah's work to give us babies or not.

We can try ..trying ..
at the end after tawakal, we get the result.  A crying baby.
 This also apply in
3)  our study in college/ universities
4)  getting a good job or not.
5)  trying new business
6)  recovering from a bad illness

Our job is to try.
Then we do the tawakal to the Al Mighty ..
May Allah helps us this time..

Please remember this.
We have to keep on trying all our best + prayer.

Allah gives us something
and Allah takes it from us anytime.
All is in power of Allah.

Man cannot do beyond what Allah has destined us.

if we can control everything,
nobody will die.

All will get a healthy baby.
When this happen, there wont be any more clinics and hospitals.

Imagine every body so fine/
clinics and hospitals closing.   No health products, educations and many more.

So if we look around
Allah is the Most Al Mighty.

He gives us life
and HE gives us death.

After our death,  paradise and hell .. would be coming.
Without death..  there wont be good life in the paradise/  horrible life in the pit of hell.


Thank you.