Good night

Posted by sazali

Pity you.

If you were from a unstable family then that s it. Many ploblemn.
.if you were from a stable f.amily
Then you were lucky
Refer Sultan Johor. Lucky.
So lucky.

2. Buy clothes from Hanoi, bandung, Acheh.  But he got many co.ments
Comments so many from his loved ones.
If you decided not to buy anything , then the n extra money you can give to rohibgyas. Very good. Upper hand is much bettercthan lower arms.

If you decided not to give anything to the big boss then it was better off
Then life should be much improvement.
Money was so much in o nes pocket.
Good isn't it?
The objective of this is .. To control your temper in the middle of the night.

Without controlling this.
U die.
That's it
Life is to control many things.

Some things

3.1. Money
3.2. Children
3.3. Schooling not islam based
3.4. Sports

Mata ngabtuk tokk..prrmisi.


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