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Our history told us many stories.

A subject like History has many stories.
A historyvtracher told many facts about Melaka.

A geography teacher demonstrates why the bank  nearvyhe river c ollapses.

A maths teacher tells how to construct a bridge near our home.

So in fact e eru teacher helps us to fit in the society.

But among all sorts of subjects I love English. Why? Nobody understands.

But English needs a colorful teacher. This means he has many true stories.  His lessons shine in our mind.  So far after 4 decades I left thecschool in besut
I remembered very fondly Miss FAM.
She always wear shortvskirt. D🐀she always park her bum on the table. Mind you .. I was the monitor. So there I was in front of Miss FAM.
Very strategic for many moves.


I like the way she read the literature likes Tom Sowyer and H Finn.

Ivthink because of this, I gained a scholarship to england.

The last time I met Miss FAM was in malaysiM student department London.

So many conversations happened between us.

2.  I love languages but my going was mathematics.  At school upon returning from Leeds and Penang , the subjects I was entrusted was history and arts.

Funny timetabling huh!!

Soon I learnt the teacher I replaced so fr was fond of babies.

Every year she givrsxbirth .  either middle d or end ofvthe year. 

Comment. Nice comment. Why not kpm let us replacing teacher got the gaji of hers?  Why GIve her 100% gJi.  Sharing is nice.


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