Killing boredom

Posted by sazali


Many men and women are bored with their life.  In HKong people takes suicide.
We Muslims cannot do that boy.  Never2.

How to kill botedome?


2.  Read different kinds of books n magazines
3.  Change ur attires from Malaysian to ipb India Pakistan Bangladesh

4.  Change ur food.  Convert gulai to burgers and pizza.

5. Change your teeth.  Extract all?  Yes.
Perhaps your teeth are not doingvwell with chewing n many other things.

6. Change your wife from 60 year plus to 26 year pls.

I don't dare.  Why? Age has caught me up.
I hate wearing thick belts and wrnglers anymore.

I don't like knowing new ipars and new set of dental from my in laws. (Laugh)

7.  So how boss?

I continue soon.  Sabar


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