Marking exam papers late June 2010

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Today I decide to start marking the paper called Computer Ethics and Social. It is half objjective and the other half it seems so structured type.

2) Surprisingly the paper looks like Paper set in 2005/06 with some changes here and there.

3) To mark I have to refer to my Head Department for the scheme of marks. Then off I go with marking the objectives parts. Surprisingly almost 100% of them got above 15/20 marks. Brilliant isn't it?

4) Unfortunately the structured questions are not that easy for lazy type of students ( who only read from power point notes). This is the area that I am going to penalize them so that I can get a good normal distribution graph. Report has to be done regarding my students' performance in this paper BIT 2012 FTMM UTHM Johor. I have decided not to give any maximum marks for any section that did not come with any elaboration. Since I got some experience learning from courses held by IAB Sri Layang I intend to implement strict marking on the structured part of this paper. At least at the end of the day I can send a strong message that I demand wide reading from my respected students as the most important virtue in reading degrees in a university like UTHM, Johor.

I think thats all for today folks. Happy Holidays.

structured answers - its strength n weaknesses

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Now in the examination there are structured questions and they demand structured answers.

Advantages: the students can focus easily the answer/ easy for any teacher to mark it

Disadvantages: it does not allow free flow of ideas like geography GCE "O" levels.

It does not allow creativity and originality.

From my experience marking this type of answers , i found out that spelling errors caused a big loss in marks because it cretaes many distortion like pornography is spelt 'pronography'. Oops .. i did not know this new word. Any body can help me plz ?

Too general answer.. it creates shallow type of understanding in any subject area that we wanted to test the students on. For example: camera TV can protect one's property. Discuss 2 areas on these. From 100 answer scripts it seems that most of the students memorize certain standard answer and it is hard to find out any novelty. Thus this style of question can kill many inventions and free entrepreneurship among the new generation. They are not trained to think so deeply at the age of 12 to 20 by having this type of questions. No wonder it is hard to get our own product in the market. It is mostly imported and branded goods that youngters are chasing out there. Right?

TQ. wasallam.

Writing and thinking better

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I have many students who e-mailed me quite frequently. The comment I would like to make here is:

i) when you ask for favour please ask professionally examples:

".. in the finals what will come out Sir? " [ RUDE , it sounds like Pasar English]
".. Sir do you mind if we can know which topics will be examined in Test 2 .. next week? " { GOOD, you show sme degree of manners here }

ii) when you give suggestions , suggest it well examples:

".. just do it Sir? " [ not good ]
".. is it OK if we just fire the blanks SIR in the objective test?" { MUCH BETTER }


If we can see , the way the students constructed the questions were very much alike to their day to day talking at the mamak stall or shops. It is parallel to the way the chinese talk in their day to day interaction at the market. This should be avoided since they are still studying in the universities. As you can see , they purposely missed some parts of the question construction like "..Do you mind Sir ..? which in English spells it as a form of politeness, humbleness etc etc a student talking to a teacher. To know about this, I would like you to read good English books or at least read the daily STAR and NST Malaysia. These papers can give you some hints how professional people gives their views to the public. If you practice good manners in writing, there will come a time when you can practice this when you begin to mix with big lords and high ranking officers after your varsity days. Good luck since good talking and addressing plus good attire can push you very far in you job advancement!

Anak ku Ilyas Sobirin sazali

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Abah would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best beng. in your masters and Phd study in UTM beginning esok 29 JUNE 2010. I am cannot say that it is going to be easy but I know .. you will come out alright beng.

Please work hard, smart and make plenty of doa b4 you go to bed daily so that Allah will give u guidance in your postgraduate study. If we make intention to stady for allah alone then every day will be ibadat. insyallah. The birds and all kinds of animals will pray for our forgiveness.

All the best beng!

TQ. wasallam.

Abahmu Sazali UTHM

Dilantik Pengerusi Viva PhD Pak Tutut dari Indonesia

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Today I got the honour to chair exam viva PhD .. Tutut Herawan.

2) It was smooth sailing for all of us there. Actually Pak Tutut was doing roughs set pure maths under the supervision of Prof DR Mustaffa Mat Deris. He had written many articles in the high impact journals. Congratulation Dr Tutut Herawan. I am sure you can do this Ph.D corrections asap.

All the best Bapak!


You make me so proud to serve PPS UTHM today. May Allah bless us with more fruitful years to come. Ameen.

A method to control pupil's temper and help cooperation

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We met many temper in teachings. Right?

2) One of the effective methods is to feed the student once, twice and many times insya allah. According to animal pet theory any animal can be tamed by the use of food power. You give food once, twice and thrice. This habit is repeated a few times. Then you can see its response once you withdrew the food. You can see the immediate effect with the dog.

3) Similarly is the human behaviour. Any hot tempered chldren can be controlled by using similar method. Try please. talk softly while attending to his food.

Insyallah Allah will help us teachers with problem children.

Try please.


Teaching well is ..

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Yes to teach well you have to do few important things:

First - be punctual. If you are punctual you gave a clear sign that you mean business.

Second - shows that you know your stuff well. Expert in your subject area.

Third - try to remember few important names like the monitor, middle row and the most trouble maker in the classroom

and finally - mark their work in the classroom itself. Just call few students and spend some time looking at their work. This builds good rapport with your students through out the years to come.

With that, I wish you all happy teaching. Be happy Dont Worry.


Muhasabah diri (self reflections) - bilang-bilang kerja dosa pahala hari hari

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Nabi Besar kita Muhamad s.a.w kata "..bila nak tidur muhasabahlah (hisablah) diri mu itu..."

Why? Kita boleh check and improve amalan harian kita dari sekarang sampailah kita mati. Jika kita seorang guru cuba kita observe ..cara pengajaran kita di dalam kelas. Adakah cara itu yang terbaik untuk mendapat respons terbaik dari pelajar-pelajar? Jika bagus, alhamdulilah. Jika tidajk. kita mesti buat sesuatu. Di manakah kelemahan kita? Skill komputer kah atau cara cakap kita mengolah soalan ..

2) kadang-kadang cara kita bercakap dengan kawan-kawan se pejabat pun perlu kita perhatikan dan baiki cepat-cepat. Apakah kesilapan itu? Adakah kita bila bercakap selalu meninggi diri. Orang begini di mana mana pun orang tak suka. Maka tidak hairanlah ..kita ramai kawan tetapi serang pun yang tidak sudi berkunjung ke rumah kita jika kita mengadakan apa-apa majlis .. sambutan hari jadi anak, sambutan tanda kesyukuran dan bermacam-macam lagi. Kad jemputan banyak tetapi yang datang boleh bolang dgn jari sahaja. Hampanya kita

3) Jika kita guru, sudahkah kita menanda (marking) kerja-kerja budak budak kita? Sudah berapa lama kita tidak siapkan assignment mereka dengan markah skor - assignment work mereka. Mengapa begitu? Seseorang pelajar ..dia akn ingat bila dia hantar assignment itu dan sampai sekarang assignment itu tidak ditanda dan dibuat apa-apa komen dari sang guru. Jika ini berterusan .. kita sudah bisa berdosa dengan pelajar-pelajar kita tidak kira lah dari mana mereka datang. Dosa itu ialah rezeki kita sudah jatuh kepada "..makan makanan yang haram..".

4) Muhasabah kita masih diteruskan. Kenapa kita belanja banyak di kedai mamak tadi. Kalau kita makan RM3.00 se tiap pagi , tidak cukupkah itu? Mengapa kita belanja berlebih lebih tadi sampai mencicah RM12.00 sebab belanja rakan-rakan sejabatan. Agghhhh... mengapa ya? Are we rich enough to do that every day ..? Our hutang banyak lagi belum lunas ..baik kita banyakkan budget untuk clear hutang kita secepat mungkin.

5) tadi kita rasa kita bercakap kasar dengan anak bongsu kita. "tak patut aku kata begitu.. kesian dia... aku yang bersalah." So the next time, we can do better as a father when answering some needs of our own children. See the power of muhasabah diri?

5) Dengan cara muhasabah diri, otak kita di asah mencuba FOKUS di dalam semua bidang kerja. Dgn cara ini kita akan memperolehi kejayaan seperti skor 4.00 flat di dalam kuliah matematik diskrit dan sebagainya. Insyallah kita akan jadi orang yang cemerlang di dalam rumah tangga kita dan juga di mana-mana saja bidang kita ceburi.

SEkian. wasallam. Have a great day!

hati tidak tenteram

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Semua orang ada hati/perasaan. Jika tidak ada hati .. beritahu saya. nanti saya belikan satu hati untuk mu.

Mengapa hati perkara pokok di dalam penulisan kali ini? Ini adalah kerana 'angkara hati' lah yang menyebabkan kita tidak senang duduk di dalam rumah tangga kita. Kita berdengki dengan orang yang dikurniakan tuhan kecantikan semula jadi. Kita rasa kurang enak bila kawan kita naik pangkat lebih laju dari kita maklumlah dia itu siapa .. anak saudara PM Malaysia tau?

See? Sebab hati jugak kita berbelanja habis-habisan. Kita berlawan dengan kawan-kawan dan jiran- tetangga. Berlawan membeli kereta, rumah mewah walaupun gaji kita berdua tidak seberapa. Sebab hati jugalah kita lupa 'budget' untuk papa dan mama kita di kampung nun jauh di desa seperti Ijok, Selangor dan Chiku, Gua Musang Kelantan. Disebabkan perbelanjaan yang melampau-lampau prestasi kerja merundum. Kita selalu ditegur majikan. datang lambat .. cuai kerja..banyak buat salah dalam kerja computing, accounting, teaching, researching, writing, talking, dressing, selling, close sales, ..., cooking, preparing ourselves for sleep etc etc etc.

hati tidak tenteram adalah kerana kita kurang memberi masa - jumpa doktor penyakit hati kita - dengar nasihat dan dignosa kita. Pertama, belajarlah bersyukur. Kita dah ada kerja sekurang-kurangnya jadi guru tadika sekolah kerajaan. Gaji tetap dan berpencen. Ada yang sudah bersuami. Apa lagi mau? Ada anak-anak yang cantik macam buah delima, mempelam dari Kashmir dan Afghanistan. Kulit putih gebu dan badan sihat maklumlah mereka susu segar awallembu NESTLE dan berbagai-bagai sumber. Syukurlah.. suami kita buta. Kita buat apa-apapun dia tak marah .. maklumlah dia tak nampak apa yang kita lakukan di depan dan di belakang mereka. Ramai suami buta nowadays. Nampaknya pakai spek ..tetapi mereka buta tidak menegur sang isteri tidak bersolat atau cuai bersolat. Solatlah awal-awal waktu. Tidak berkata apa-apa jika sang isteri membeli begitu banyak baju di boutique berbagai warna tetapi satu size saja, .. dan ada juga sang suami yang bisu. maklumlah zaman sekarang ..isteri ada masters .. DH44, DH48 tetapi kita suami .. drebar lori treler bertayar 20, 40 jer. How to discuss things more .. than isu-isu daging, telur, belacan sahaja. Kita tak mampu berdiskusi ala mahathir dan siti hasmah .. pun. Why? Kita tidak berusaha apa-apa pun dalam proses memcari ilmu , tidak ada ussaha apa pa menadah telinga di masjid belajar sikit-sikit tentang halal dan haram dari kaca tV dan bermacam-macam lagi. Ilmu agama kita setakat sekolah rendah sahaja. Baca quraan pun setakat 10 jenis sahaja - alfatihah, wal asri, in na aghtoi na , .. yg pendek pendek jer .. dah lah pendek surahnya ..tak tahu pulak maknanya .. why? tak belajar apa-apa .. just habiskan umur layan nafsu sahaja... main senamrobik pagi pagi ahad, main kayak di tasik biru, daki gunung Tahan, explore air di dalam tasik belakang opis kita siang dan malam sampai masuk lintah di celah kangkang kita.. bayangkan bagaimana hati nak tenteram. Kita mempunyai hati yang sakit tetapi selama ini kita tidak bersungguhpun nak mengubati hati yang sakit itu. Macam mana ni? Tidak bodohkah kita? Kita sakit kencing manis tetapi kita cari ubat-ubatan khusus untuk sakit gigi saja. Boleh baik kah kita?

Kedua sakit hati? Tak puas dengan apa yyang ada. Baju kurung kita dah ada 5 almari dah termasuk satu almari pakain arwah ibu kita berikan dgn pakaian nya yang satu saiz dengan kita. LIMA almari pakaian kita. Tetapi saban hari kita membaca majalah fesyen..pakain yang baru ..tetapi beli beli pun .. saiz kita tetap sama jer. Cantik baju yg baru hanya sehari dua jer.. after that .. tak pakai pakai lah kita. tak percaya? tanya artis-artis melayu kita yang WALK daringly bareback di waktu festival award filem melayu antarabangsa.. malulah kita ..bareback tetapi daging tak ada pulak .. nak ikut mat salleh dan mem mereka.. They are OK because they are fatter a bit than us ..we? kurus kering cantik apa pakai barebarenya! dah lah kurus kering ..kulit pun tidak fair and smooth ma. So all those dressings modern/ ala carriebean ker ..lambat laun kita akan buang begitu sahaja. Banyak duit kita yang telah kita buang begitu sahaja. Tuhan akan tanya semua itu. Sudah bersediakah kita dengan jawapannya?

So what? The what is .. belajarlah tengok tengok kat cermin kita tu .. if orang lain pakain baju kurung RM100 why kita nak pakai baju kurung tanpa tudung RM5000 nya? Bukannya apa majlis itu ..setakat malis penyampaian hadiah Kecemerlangan Kanak-Kanak Bisu jer .. bukannya glamour pun .. pakai baju mahal-mahal tu. Kes kita belanja mahal-malah ini lah yang menyebabkan kita banyak 'budget lari' dari bulan ke bulan.

Renunglah saudara/saudariku. Gunakan duit untuk amal jariah, masjid banyak yang rosak ..cuba pi tengok masjid .. tandas ? ada batang paip ..kepala paip tak ada... ada semua paip.. air pulak yang tak ada. Dhaif masjid kita. Bantulah masjid-masjid ini. Beli buku-buku agama ..dermakan ke library masjid kita. galakkan anak-anak kita pergi membaca di masjid. Belajar agama dan matematik di masjid sana. After belajar, main lah di court masjid tu. Sure masjid jadi happy happy.. dan latihlah anak2 muda kita suka datang ke masjid. Amarahkan masjid dengan berbagai-bagai aktiviti agama dan riadah. Cukuplah ..tabiat lama kita suka shopping tak habis-habis tu. Buang tabiat buruk itu. Kata istighfar banyak2 dan jgn ulangkan habit itu lagi. Allah maha pengampun. Jaga agama, jaga fikir kita, jaga adab, jaga mata, jaga hati kita. Sure dunia ini akan jadi syurga kita. Cuba try tak percaya. Hidup kita akan kembali terurus. Insyallah.

Wallahu alam.

good partner in life

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Partner? there are so many partners in our life. At home, at work, at our neighbouhood etc etc but today let me touch about our closest partner of our life. Who else? Our spouse. Hate or love it ..we are just partners in this life.

Me? Got married 30 years already. Blessed with 6 children. Another blessing comes 3 new members join our camp through marriage/ new birth after marriage.

My best partner is of course my wife. I call her Mem (laugh). Her greatest attribute is she knows my routine very well. If after subuh prayer . she prepares our breakfast consisting of friend rice, boiled eggs, kelloggs cornflake etc etc .. but overall her work is just superb. If I go for dakwah she is the one who prepares my bedding (toto, blankets, extra clothings, soap, toothbrush, thick socks etc etc). Another good point about her is .. she can cook very well. Kelantanese food (kurtuk daging, nasi kerabu hitam, masakn perut, etc etc ) and other western and indian pakistani food like chepati and sheek kebab. Because of this I make it a point to invite my students to my home for dinner and sometimes to break their fast (ramadhan).

Although she has 1000 good points ..she also have one/two weak points. But I hate to elaborate that because 2 bad points out of 1000 good points ... what is that right mathematically? Just ignore ..focus on her other 998 great points. By doing that we can move forward towards eternal happpiness (god willing).

Daily we read about superstars minute getting married in big grand hotel abroad and the next minute they are in the thick of battles .. suing each other in the court using all kinds of lawyers ..fighting for their respective rights.. and children. Inspite of their popularity and fame they could not hold to their marraige .. why>? they focus on 998 bad points and overlooked the ggreatest 2 other points their spouses have. In fact they are indeed very blind. Just because his wife could not cook tandoori and sheek kebab .. the husband smacked the head of his wife and thee comes all the beef, mutton, curry , flying over the kitchen hall. In Malaysia, we heard cases of the wife getting divorce because the wife cannot cook very well examples frying salted fish - ikan gelamo ikan kering, belacan paste - sambal belachan, .. and the peak of disaster.. they blamed each other because they come from different caste ( kasta) like brahmins and paria. Why is this so? Beacuse they got married due to .. (yardsticks) not accordingly to what our Holy Prophet had advised us to heed to . First iman, beauty, well to do family, knoeledgeable. take iman as the biggest and strongest pulling factor in our marriage - it will help you in distress later in your live.

See? Please ponder and let me know if you do not agree with me plz.


Dad is a big big job n responsibility

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When u are a dad .. there is no such thing as 'Happy Dad's day'. why?

2) I count first = responsibility to raise my kids as a good muslim and professional well beings. I want them to be dai too ..spreading the work of dakwah all over the world like the sahabahs r.a. Remember .. the sahabah.. they left their homes in arab countries to china spread islam. they die as a dai. Their grave is every where except their kampung/village. The reward of that is heaven .. where there are 7 rivers of different colour and water types . Wine, milk, honey, .. and many more. There in the heaven we will live happily ever after ( refer to the Holy Quraan). But to get that

3) ..u have to educate urself, ur family day and night through out your life. If you have girls, then it is not that easy to raise them islamically. raising children like the rest of the world is easy but ..u are accountable to what you do with them in akhirat. Your food must be halal all the time. Food becomes halal if we work in halal mode examples - teach well, sell honestly, work diligently etc etc and in the process of doing work ... do not miss any prayers. If we are a teacher but we pperformed poorly example not marking any books , papers etc etc ..then the pay we got at the end of the day is not halal ( reference: Ustaz Nik Aziz MB Kelantan). So you see is not easy to get halal food from a halal earning even.

Thats it. Life as a dad is very tough dear readers. There is a saying by Holy Prophet Muhamamd " if u have three daughters and u raise them according to islam and u give them (marry them) to good muslims, mukmins then paradise is wajib on you. Why? raising a cattle is 10 times much easier rather than raising a daughter in islam at the later stage .. towards the end of the world."

Do you think it is easy my dear readers to celebrate Hari Bapa/ Father's Day?
Doa. wasallam. p/s next time i write more how u treat your wife.

Hari Bapa Sedunia kah ?

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Every day my day as a dad. I drives my girl to school. If there are messages from my children I will answer them as soon as I can. Then at classroom, I teach my students mathematics and if not teaching I mark their work.

At 100 sharp I go for solat zuhur at the mosque. After that I go for lunch. Preferably I like sea food and thai tom-yam. He..he.. plus hot ot coffee.

In the evening , I read books, attend seminars and discuss many work with my friens at UTHM. At 0600 evening I go home tired but happy. My life is interesting during the week ends. I like to visit my mum and my sister in Kajang. There we talk many things about Kelantan news like 'pak mudo mu nok leh menantu pulok .. doh.. mu tok ser kelek kor lee?' or go to JB to visit my mum-in law. WE like to attend many kenduris - weddings ceremony . Sunday evening .. came home tired and happy. In the night, i go mosque maghrib and isyak. If I cannot attend dawn prayers the next day is meaninglss. U got what I mean? Thats my dad's everyday. Doa for you my children students where ever u are. Take care . Wasallam. Doa 4 me too. Jannah for us all. Ameen

misery se orang guru

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Salam. Selamat Bertemu Kembali.

Now musim World Cup 2010. ramai anak muda sibuk menyokong pasukan pilihannya .. tetapi sebagai se orang guru ..saya selalu ingatkan mereka .. how is your study going on?

2) You kena perform tau. If Brazil menang sekalipun menentang KOREA DPR .. anda mesti berprestasi tinggi bila berhadapan dgn dunia examination, ujian dan kuiz. Menonton TV is just a hobby sesuatu yang menyeronokkan tetapi .. perlawanan yang sedap .. tidak akan membantu kita di dalam mencari pekerjaan selepas tamat pengajian tidak kiralah diploma atau ijzah pertama kan?

3) Oleh itu saya ingatkan diri saya dan students saya ..jgn terlalu leka dengan World Cup 2010 tu .. ayuh ..exam finals next week 28 JUNE 2010 dah. Kena study tau.

Thats all for today. plz study dengan baik. Ingat pesan ibu dan ayah kita. Susah mereka dan harapan mereka yg tinggi menggunung ke atas bahu kita. jangan hampakan mereka plz.

TQ. wasallam.

Bola Sepak Piala Dunia 2010

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Now ramai org2 kita akan menontn Piala Dunia dari siang, maghrib dan sampai ke subuh. Sebulan lamanya dari June 11 2010 hingga 7 julai 2010. Ohhsss..cukup lama tempoh itu. lagipun ramai penaja yang membantu kita bercekang mata menonton bola sebiji dikejar 22 orang pemain dan ditonton pulak oleh berbilion manusia. Dasyatkan?

Penat jugaklah makchik2, kakak2, adik2 membuat air kopi jantan, tongkat ali, dan macam-macam campuran herba-herba untuk menguatkan mata pakchik2 gila bola ni. kalau difikir-fikirkan jika seluruh umat islam bersemangat sebegitu tinggi dalam menyebarkan agama kan ker bagus atau sekurang-kurangnya bangun malam untuk menunaikan sebahyang sunat tahajud/ mengaji quraan. If that is done, insyallah all the social ills will be eradicated from this surface of the earth. Ini tidak.. after menonton bola katakan Brazil dikalahkan oleh Argentina 11-12 katakan ... so what? Apakah faedah yang kita dapat.. pak chik pak chik oiii? apa yang kita dapat? Ingat tak kartun LAT .. bila penarik beca namanya Hasan pulang ke rumah dan menceritakan kepada ibu tua , uzurnya harga VCD video sudah banyak murahnya ..maka ibu yang tua dan dhaif itu pun bertanya .." adakah nasib kita akan berubah Hassan? " See the meanings of that questions. So simple but so direct. Dalam erti kata ..jika Brazil dikalahkan oleh Argentina sekalipun dan temph permainan adalah melebihi 90 minit ..dan permainan itu cukup seronok sampaikan habis serbuk kopi .semua kedai kopi di seluruh dunia sekalipun ..adakah nasib umat islam di Palestin terbela? atau adakah .. jika anak tuan hamba seorang mat rempit ..adakah keputusan bola sepak dunia itu ..akan membawa satu lembaran baru kehidupan anak rempit gila tu. Yakinkah kita benda itu terjadi?

So rugi jugak lah .. org2 barat menipu kita lagi kali ini. bahkan Pak-pak imam yang mana serban mereka berat 1 kilogram pun kena tipu lagi kan? (ketawa). Last 2 weeks kita kondem yahudi bunuh org2 palestin selama 1 bulan kita bersorak beramai-ramai dengan org2 yahudi .. pulak. Heee.. pelik bin gila lah org kita ni. Mengapa begitu pak (Bahasa Indonesia)?

Sekian. Renungan bersama. In my opinion, I better sleep at night and read reports from the local papers and enjoy my daily life as a simple muslim teacher. At least I am safe from the questioning by Allah ... how did you spend ur youth, how did u spend your life, how did u belanja your duit , dan bermacam-macam lagi. See. cakap biar serupa bikin lah . Ayuh saudara kita mampu mengibah hidup kita ni. Why jadi pak turut sahaja.. Wa llahualam.


just wondering u arabs

Posted by sazali


I respect arabs since I was young. Why? 'coz we read quraan in arabic language. we got to take double effort to learn pronouncing the word , tajwid, makhraj etc etc.

Then in ramadhan we read doas (prayers in arabic) to start fasting and read again another doa to break our fast. And there are 2000 more doas in arabic covering all sort of daily activities including sleepin with your wive(s). See ! arabic plays a big role in asian families who are muslims. We are taught that if you read doa in arabic , then allah will run to help you when u r in troubles.

2) Unfortunately at this time, we can see arabs being taken for a ride by the non-arabs. See Kuwait and Dubai. What are they doing out there? Inspite of having quraan, doas and petroleum, and natural resources like gold, uranium, iron ore, magneseum, etc etc.. and they ask allah in arabic just wonder why arab countries are being attacked by all countries - west, east , north and south? In short they are being made a 'toy' by the others. Why can't the doas help them out? Just make me wonder a lot these days.

May be their life is not .. (forgive me plz) pleasing in the eyes of Allah. Their iman is very weak. Their god , may be, petrol dollars and sky scrapers. I suppose so. Did they not see what Allah can do in Acheh with the tzunami? See palestines. The Isrealiets are killing them daily. So where is the power of our doas.

Perhaps we have to do jihad. Spend more time in the path of Allah. Khurujjjz. Spend 4 months, 40 days, 3 days a month, read taklim fadaiiel amal kitab of virtues etc our iman again so that Allah's greatness come in our heart. Not dolars and petrols and tall skyscrapers. What do you think my arab brothers and sisters? Do you agree? Pity me ..a non arab reading quraan and doa without knowing the full meaning of each arabic alphabet, its tajwid and makhraj etc etc. You know more but where is Allah's help onto you arabs. (refer to the first sentence of this paragraph). May Allah helps us all. Ameen.

wa llah hualam.

Why is that internet not thinking effect doing so?

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Morning. Today it is raining here. Quite heavily. Got to take my laptop from my red kelisa and ooshhhh.. got to run through the rain getting into my office though. He..he..

Today is very hectic me with 2 activities. First FRGS/ getting fundamental grants for research work 2010/2011 and the second is lecturing computer ethic and social values. Must attend the first one, god willing.

I enjoyed reading an article called hackers and crackers passed by norhamim andzehan FTMM, UTHM. At least now I know what is going round around us as far as internet and many computer issues are concerned. One more is .. internet is bad for students. Many of them skimm through loads and loads of information. Less time is given to think, focus,, reflect and analyze what was read earlier on. SEe? now the students know a lot but just ask them to write a critical essay on hackers .. see how much they can write. I'm afraid majority of them will write so little. Why? they are not trained to think, analyze and write out what they had read and learn so far. In fact they know a lot but there is little value to the things they know. Last few days there was an article about this effect. Internet is spoiling our childrens' brain and thinking ability. Go and find that is gonna do u a world of good! Internet attracts too many advertising and news. 1% are meant for critical thinking students. A moment u try and think the next moment you are bormabarded with many other kinds of news like 9/11, osama bin laden and mahathir's blog. See? so much thing to know but in reality u know nothing about what u had just read.

tq. buy a book and try hard to read and think. plz.


Morning morning Malaysia Parit Raja

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Salam. Good Morning everybody. You are Ok dear? lovely weather isn't it? (he..he.. those are typical words I got every morning while waiting for a bus in Leeds 6 Burley Lodge in order to go to the city centre Leeds). Today is Wednesday. June 9th 2010.

Yes I had left Leeds nearly 30 years ago but it was just like yesterday where I was playing football in Hyde Park Leeds 2. He..he.. see time in this world is very fast and so short. Just wonder why are we craving for all the goods in this world only and alas ... many of us never know what satisfaction is.

In the Holy Quraan Allah warned us ".. verily this world is just like a game ..". In another hadith, Prophet Muhamad s.a.w said "..if this world is as valuable as a half wing of a sick mosquito .. Allah will surely not give any water, air, and .. many more to those who are against him..". Contrary, we can see that man (regardless of shape, colour, race, religion ) is enjoying this life the best that s/he could and the way of how he enjoys it depends on how he wants it to be. In short, Allah gives everybody the chance to do what he pleases but please .. once death comes to us .. the day of reckoning begins. We are going to be answerable to Allah for all what we did in this world. The fear of reckoning after which we are divided into 2 groups ( heaven goers and hell perishers) depends on how much fear we have to Allah (faith in the unseen .. IMAN TU Billah ). So be careful my dear readers.

Iman is centred on 5 pillars. They are the solid belief in Allah, Prophets, Angels, death and rezki is in the hand of Allah ... while ISLAM revolves on Shahadah, Solat, Hajj, Ramadhan and Zakat. So we pray to Allah that we will see HIM in the state we are redha to him and HE is redha to us. REDHA = PLEASING. In other words we are contended to be a slave of HIM alone (no matter what positions we are in today, policeman, teacher, shopkeeper, doctor, fishmonger, bus conductor, truck driver, professor, body guard, the KING , Sultan, Sultanah, etc etc ) .. we are going to obey HIS commandmnets and follow the footsteps of the Holy Prophet s.a.w. Insyallah this morning will mark another day of happiness, enjoyment and full of satisfaction for us believers. Ameen. Wal asri. "..Verily man is at loss. Except those who has strong belief and do virtous deeds, preach to the goodness, truth that Allah demands and be patient with whatever befalls you.


Memberi makna sukses kejayaan

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Just for food of thoughts.
When someone ask us what is success do we have the definition ready?

a) Success in study - getting good marks , 4.00 flat in all examinations semester after semester right?
b) success in marriage - getting respect from the family members at all times regardless of pain, pleasure and wealth
c) success in childhood - can bring up a family of well behaved children. They know manners and give due respect to those who are elderly than them.
d) success in jobs - getting promotion after promotion
e) success in money terms - yes the more the money you earn every time the more successful you are in your job takings, carreer, trading and trading
f) success in having babies - if you are infertile, may be after a series of attempts , you got a baby., then perhaps success is according to you , now you are called a mum. Congratulations!

Therefore man has many ways interpreting success. Right? For a man with addicted son with morphine , success for him will be finding the cure for this hell addiction because to be a dad of an addict is really hell. Your life is always at danger. Recently in Malaysia, an addict killed his mum because he wanted instant cash to service his craving addiction to morphine, marijuana and ganja. So how do we define success?

To be honest, those definitions are said to be worldly kind of definition according to the holy quraan and hadiths. So what is success by the way? Lets look at the Holy Quraan and refer to the a hadiths. Everytime Allah says "..O ye who believe ..". "oh ye who have highest faith , takwa ...". So to help define the meaning of success Allah has sent thousands of prophets (nabi-nabi) and this ends up with the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. In short the more we have faith in the commands of Allah the more successful we are in the eyes of God and vice versa. If you earn millions of dirhams per day but in the process of trading you incurred the wrath of Allah surely rest assured that .. you are categorized as the unsuccessful doers. Your final abode is hell fire according to the Quraan. If you earn little but in the way of finding rezki you follow the commandments of Allah then no matter how little your money is , in the eyes of Allah you are considered as the successful one. Your abode will be the paradise where you will get the 7 rivers of happiness - honey, wine, milk, water, .., and many more. Basically, it boils to one final point. Man defines success is not as what we all thought to be according to the Al Mighty God Allah. We have to follow the yard stick prescribed by Allah because he is the creator of all creations. If the man and woman creates babies , I am sure every couple will ensure that their baby will become perfect baby in health and brainy type. But alas, we are confrnonted with many news of deformed babies. So what? It means that Allah creates us all. Therefore follow the CREATOR of all creations day in and day out. Period! Pray to Allah that we are going to be the successful one in this dunia and akhirat. Ameen and wa llahu alam.


lets do senamrobik senamrobiko shall we?

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Salam. Today we all got to attend Majlis Perhimpunan Bulanan. The agenda is first senamrobic (with english 'disco' songs) followed by a main speech by the big boss and then eating, drinking, he..he.., with my friends from different faculties, cooperate to sort out our new library and its books and then we all dispersed.

Now I am in my small office. There are piles and piles of essays to be marked yet. God willing I will try to mark them as fast as possible. The main critic of their essays is they did not follow the rules laid out in their technical writing courses which they had taken in the first 2 semesters in year 1 program prior to my course in Semester 3 Year 1. There were many examples of text that were lifted directly ffrom the internet. But the good thing was they wrote them out using pen and paper as instructed in order to cut down the traditions of producing essays using ;.. cut, copy and paste style'. 99% of them sent it on time. Thank you guys. You mean business this time.

Lets return to the senamrobic just now. My friends and I exercised quite vigorously with all parts of our body puffing out syncronising with the modern music. The amount of sweat that came pouring out from our body pores proved some how serious we put the effort of doing the exercises. But alas ends up with eating nasi lemak - lot of cholesterol (lemak kelapa) and kfc-chicken type. So in sum, if a big belly wo/man lose 3000 k-calories from the senamrobic s/he will gain another 4000 k-calories from the nasi lemak and chicken menu at the end of the exercise. Laugh. So we brought home an extra 1000 k-calories of lemak. Just wondering where were our dieticians, food scientists etc etc .. Can't they recommend just a simple fruit juice and a piece of cooky for each of us? he..he..

The other point is why should we dance with the modern music? I thought all along .. we will use malaysian songs in order to promote our own malaysian music and intellectual properties and what not. I said so because the goverment have changed from using English in maths and science classes to Malaysian language in those classes in all schools effectively during the last few months . Alas may be our songs are fitting for the closing stage for the senamrobic only. In sum we could not part company with modern english songs (imported from USA, and Europe) that are originally penned for our youngters and their gang. We could not produce songs of that type yet that fit this kind of senamrobic occasion(s). So for those outside there - multimedia people plz catch this 'marketing gap'. U must get the product out for this kind of assembly. Quick and don't wait.

Agghhhh who am I to comment? I am just an ordinary humble staff marking his time seriously towards his pension stage. Laugh and Wallahu alam

musim cuti sekolah

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Yes.. musim cuti sekolah datang lagi. Mengikut jadual awal ... ada 14 hari cuti untuk anak-anak bercuti dengan keluarga untuk melepaskan penat lelah belajar, pergi kokorikulum , kelas tambahan, pergi pertandingan wakil sekolah dan macam2. lagi tapi .. sekarang kebanyakan sekolah gila ..nak kejar jadi sekolah cluster, sekolah cemerlang lah dan macam2 mengikut definasi Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri masing-masing dan PPD. Yang penat is pelajar-pelajar dan ibu bapa. Sekarang nak bercuti pun kena rujuk kepada jadual aktiviti sekolah masa cuti. If anak ada kelas tambahan maka all the planning nak gi Bandung, Acheh, Surabaya ..tiba tiba stop lah. Apa leh buat?

2) If kita nak ajar anak anak sekarang kenal-kenal sedikit saudara mara tua dan muda di kampung jauh dari sekolahnya pun tiba-tiba terbantut begitu sahaja. Alangkah bagus if cuti sekolah , semua pelajar dibenarkan bercuti bersama-sama dengan ibu bapa. kan ker sekarang ni ..musim orang kawin buat kenduri kendara. Ini lah masa terbaik untuk berjumpa tok nenek yang sudah lama tidak dilawati, jumpa bapa dan emak saudara, sepupu-sepupu dan dua pupu , tiga pupu semasa ramai kita orang berkumpul di bawah khemah rewang rewang dan bermacam-macam lagi aktiviti bila berjumpa mata. Tidak ada silibus yang dapat mewujudkan keadaan di mana anak-anak orang senang dapat berjumpa dengan saudara mereka yang susah sedikit .. jika tidak dibawa ke tempat kenduri kendara di kampung halaman yang jauh di mata. Sekarang pihak kerajaan sibuk menggalakkan cuti di dalam negara ..seperti melancung ke Langkawi, Pulau Perhentian dan Kota Bharu. Tetapi galakan tersebut tiba-tiba mati begitu sahaja disebabkan .. sekolah gila sangat nak capai 100% kecemerlangan di dalam keputusan peperiksaan UPSR, PMR, SPM dan STPM masing-masing. Kadang-kadang sekarang bukan budak sahaja yang susah , ibu dan bapa jugak yang susah. Tengok sahaja bilangan kereta kereta dan motosikal motosikal di luar pagar sekolah waktu 1300 tengah hari. If anak pi kelas tambahan , mak ayah pun terpaksa pergi kelas tambahan di waktu cuti begini. Kan ker gila namanya.

Time cuti time terbaik untuk anak-anak kita ambik tahu saudara-saudaranya yang terlantar sakit di kampung. Berbulan-bulan terlantar sakit dan seterusnya mati menjemput si sakit. Bila anak-anak tidak bisa meluangkan masa untuk aktiviti ziarah orang-orang tua, akan timbul satu budaya , budak-budak didedahkan dengan konsep 'happy-happy' sahaja. Oleh yyang demikian, sekarang budak budak kenal budaya hidup senang sahaja. Tengok sahaja lah program 'Akademy Pantas nafsui' mana ada pelajar bangsa cina dan india yang melompat-lompat kera nak cari glamour dari bakat nyanyian mereka. Hanya satu bangsa sahaja di negara ini yang buat demikian di waktu maghrib atau tak kira masa. Menyanyi menyanyi dan happy happy sahaja. sayang.....? Time payah, time susah mereka tidak langsung didedahkan dengan kes-kes kesakitan, kematian sanak saudara, kes kemalangan, hilang punca rezeki dan bermacam-macam lagi. Agghhh.. semua yang diajarkan di dalam masjid tidak adapt dipraktikkan oleh belia-belia kerana .. kalendar sekolah hanya target kemerlangan sahaja sepanjang masa. Wa llahu alam. Saya rasa konsep 'cemerlang' perlu ditafsirkan mengikut pandangan Nabi Besar kita Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. Cemerlang bila dapat menunaikan solat berjamaah, quraan dibaca oleh ibu ayah dan anak sepanjang masa, silaturahim dipelihara sepanjang waktu .. senang ataupun susah, adab dan akhlak dijaga, cara bertutur sesama sendiri diajar oleh ibu dan ayah... suka berjihad kurban masa dan wang ringgit untuk menyebarkan agama dan .. Kita suka sangat Bulan Maulidur Rasul tetapi kita setakat menyanyi sahaja .. menyanyi , berzanji, bernashid, .. thats why kita dapat belia suka menyanyi setiap masa. Tak boleh disalahkan anak-anak jika mereka lebih suka dengan lagu semasa study, tidur, dan di mana-mana. Tengok bilangan jualan head phone, hand phones .. apa aktiviti yang mereka buat dari peralatan canggih yang sebegini ini. Cemerlang eletronik atau cemerlang berbelanja membeli alat-alat moden yang melarokan otak mereka... sahaja?

3) Sekarang disebabkan too much school based programs.. waktu raya aidil fitri pun .. anak-anak tak minat pergi melawat sanak saudara sekampung terutama saudara-saudara nya yang duduk jauh dipendalaman , melawat orang tua yang susah dan sakit , yang ada hanya memerap menonton TV sepanjang Aidil Fitri yang mulia. Jika ada saudara yang datang ke rumah berhari raya .. jika clash dengan program best best di dalam TV .. tengoklah wajah anak-anak kita dari sekolah cluster yang banyak ini .. muka masam mulut mucung macam itek serati, ada kot, ... tanda tak gembira org org datang berhari raya.. nanti after graduations di USA, UK, Australia.. jangan lah kita orang tua mengharap sangat graduan sebegini akan menjenguk kita time bila-bila masa sahaja. Kalau datanggggpun mungkin ... melawat jenazah kita yang sudah kaku. Why? kata-kata guru sudah mengatasi kehebatan kata-kata ibu dan ayah di rumah. Mereka takut guru mereka dari takut kepadaayahnya. Bila? sejak UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM, matrikulasi, politeknik dan universiti. program-program ini lah yang akan mendahului program masjid-masjid. How to prove this? tengok sahajalah .. masjid di kampung mana ada (ramai) budak-budak lelaki (umur 17 tahun ke atas) yang rajin bersembahyang berjamaah. Agghhhhh .. untuk apa .. saya menulis ni semua? Sebagai bukti saya tidak begitu gembira program sekolah yang terlalu padat semasa waktu cuti sekolah anak-anak. Sekurang-kurangnya saya menulis sesuatu di sini. Nanti Allah akan tanya. "Engkau tak buat apa-apa kah?". Sekian. Renungi lah wahai guru-guru semua. Kita di asuh lebih baik 30 tahun dahulu dari stail program asuhan Program Sekolah Cluster. Sebab itu kita senang sensitif kepada budaya mat rempit, minah GRO dan bermacam-macam lagi masalah sosial. Ini semua berlaku bila program sekolah terlampau sangat dijadikan kayu ukur kecemerlangan hidup kita semua. Wa allahu alam dan Wasallam. maaf jika ada yang tersilap .. dlm proses menulis ini.

Nilai kesihatan apabila kita sudah tua

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Muda datang sekali. Umur muda adalah diantara 12 hingga 29 tahun. Pada masa ini seseorang itu akan belajar seberapa banyak ilmu, praktik dan belajar lagi hingga mencapai tahap kepakaran yang tinggi di dalam sesuatu bidang. Contoh seseorang anak muda yang berminat menjadi mekanik. Dari umur 12 hingga 17 dia akan cuba menunggang sesebuah motor kapcai dan membuat berbagai-bagai inovasi ke atas bahagian motorsikalnya hinggalah ia mencapai tahap kepuasan hatinya yang tinggi. Di waktu ini dia akan belajar dari kawan-kawannya sekampung di FELDA JENGKA Pahang katakan, dan jika boleh menyambung pelajaran di SM Teknik dan Vokasional sehinggalah ke SPMV/SPM. Di tahap ini ilmu enjin motosikal yang diperolehi adalah diperingkat paling minima (basics). Selepas itu dia akan ke IKBN, Politeknik atau Kolej Komuniti dan seterusnya menjalani Latihan Industri selama 3 hingga 6 bulan di bengkel-bengkel mekanik motorsikal di sekitar rumahnya. Dengan adanya ilmu praktikal ini beliau sudah mula berkemampuan untuk membuat servis, tukar alat mesin yang rosak, bertukar-tukar idea dan mencuba (rempit) dengan rakan yang lebih berpengalaman tentang minatnya ini. Pada umur muda, jiwa ingin mencuba berbagai-bagai teknik untuk mencapai mutu kerja yang tinggi. Pada sudut positif, kita patut bangga dengan keberanian mereka ini. Syabah saya ucapkan.Jika kita tidak berani bagaimanakah kita mampu menandingi keberanian orang-orang jepun , eropah dan amerika yang lain.

Dari umur 30 hingga 55 tahun ini adalah peringkat umur dewasa dan seterusnya dipanggil matang. Kebanyakan orang , mereka sudah mempunyai keluarga masing-masing. Bila berkeluarga berbagai bagai cabaran perlulah kita tempuhi. Ada tuhan mencuba kita dengan kesenangan dan ada juga yang dicuba dengan berbagai-bagai dugaan seperti mendapat anak yang cacat, terencat akal dan bermacam-macam lagi rintangan membesarkan anak dan mendidik mereka dengan pelajaran dan unsur-unsur insaniah dan nilai kehidupan agama yang mulia.

Selepas umur 55 tahun ke atas , seseorang yang menjawat pekerjaan di sektor kerajaan akan berhadapan dengan era pencen dan selalunya penyakit sudah mula menjenguk kita. Ada yang didatangkan dengan 3P - penyakit darah tinggi - hypertenson, penyakit kencing manis diabetes dan penyakit jantung heart attack, stroke, collapse and terus dijemput oleh Allah yang Esa. Oleh itu era 55 tahun ke atas adalah era 'matahari sudah mula menyingsing di ufuk Barat.. kaki langit semakin merah oren dan terus gelap hitam pekat.. '. Tetapi jika dilihat dengan stail hidup orang-orang barat (eropah) masa inilah mereka merantau, holiday jauh jauh dari kampung halaman mereka. Setengah-tengah mereka berkebolehan menulis buku dan novel dan seterusnya buku-buku ini diadaptasikan menjadi filem yang hebat seperti 'The Roots- Kunta Kinte'. Dikalangan orang-orang islam pula peringkat umur ini dihabiskan dengan program agama seperti bersembahyang berjamaah, bertahlil di sana-sini dan menghadhiri upacara perkhawinan dan kematian sahabat handai jauh dan dekat. Ada juga segelintir dari mereka ini dapat hidup dengan anak-anak yang masih mempunyai perasaan halus dengan menjaga kebajikan ibu bapa mereka dengan baik sehinggalah ke akhir hayat mereka. Beruntung besarlah orang-orang yang sebegini. Jika tidak, dari laporan akhbar dan television, setengah-tengah kita dihantar oleh anak ke rumah orang-orang tua kerana anak-anak berfikiran bahawa mereka terlalu sibuk untuk memberi perhatian kepada keadaan ibu ayah yang mempunyai 3P di atas. Sebenarnya, ini pun sudah bagus kerana selalunya anak-anak ini lah yang akan membayar kos penjagaan dan rawatan ibu bapa mereka di sana. Jika kita lihat pada satu kesah lain pula, sesetengah anak-anak tidak mahu pun mengambil tahu sedikit pun tentang kebajikan ibu ayah mereka kerana berbagai-bagai faktor seperti ekonomi, status, dan .. akhlak agamanya masing-masing. Malang sungguhlah kita jika kita menjadi seorang insan yang tua di mana tidak ada seorang pun anak yang sudi mengaku sipulan bin sipulan yang tiba-tiba terbaring di atas kaki lima adalah ayah dan ibu mereka yang sebenarnya. Oleh itu marilah kita sama-sama menjaga anak anak kita supaya mereka faham bahawa selepas muda akan datangnya waktu tua di mana agama islam menuntut supaya mereka bertanggungjawab menjaga ibu ayah mereka sebaik baiknya seperti mana si ayah dan ibu mereka telah menjaga mereka di waktu kecil dahulu terbaik yang mereka mampu. Dari jagaan itu lah kita dapat menjadi mekanik PETRONAS yang handal di Sepang F1, profesor gred A yang agung di Harvard Universiti , Akauntan Bank Negara dan Pilot British Airways dan bermacam2 lagi jawatan yang glamur ataupun tidak. Sesungguhnya hidup kita berkat jika kita menjaga ibu ayah kita di waktu mereka sudak kembali menjadi kanak-kanak semula. Wa llahu alam.

Bersyukur itu senang disebut tapi susah diamalkan

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Good Morning.

Praise be to Allah my ROBB who has given me another day to live. Alhamdulilah, Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah and Allah Hu Akbar. salawat to our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon HIM)

2) I am working on the INFOSYS forms attending a 2 week course at A Famosa Resort. General IT Instructor course for IT lecturers. I volunteer going since my IT skills has gone a bit rusty.

3) Trying to figure out what to teach at 1100 hours. Ethics and Social on Computers BIT 2102. The topic is Privacy. Ugghs.. what a dry topic to teach. He..he..

4) In the evening I plan to organize my room and put some pictures I had from Spain and Greece during my 2006 , 2007 presentations in WSEAS Conferences.

TQ. have a great day.

berita gembira bagi pelajar tua berjiwa muda

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Alhamdulilah saya bersyukur ke hadrat illahi saya berjaya juga rupanya. Alhamdulillah.

Kunci kejayaan adalah:

a) you must know your strength - in my case mathematics pre-algebra, insyallah,
b) got good family support
c) got good supervisors
d) stay persevere and fully committed from day 1 to day 'nth' towards the completion of the phd program
e) present papers after papers without fail
f) have patience and
g) finally make lots and lots of prayers towards your ROBB

At this juncture, I would like to remind my children .. if I can do , you can do it better my child.

Thank you. Wasallam.

senat senat senate

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Today is 2nd JUne 2010. The important day of my life as a graduate student in UTHM. Today they will meet in a senate and endorse my thesis PHD. Hopefully, everything will go smooth as fast as possible. Insyallah.

Meanwhile I am preparing for lecture in Computer Ethics and Social Values. Computer Crime. I make it a point to prepare some notes for my students. if god willing i will do prayer called 'dhuha' asking favours from Allah. I want to ask my ROBB pass in my phd work, convokation, health and the health of my children n families. Today my youngest girl could not sit for her maths exam - mid term exam. I am so sadddd but what can we do as a human being ..everything that happens is under the plan of Allah my ROBB. Ya ROBB bestows upon us good health physically and mentally and spiritually. Ameen.

Themeeting is going on from 0900 to 1300 hours today. One of the agenda is 'special convo' on 8th July 2010. Exam results SEM II 2009/2010 and many more .. n finally thesis PHD and master students. Hopefully everithing will run smooth as the fountain at the top of a mountain. Ameen.

Plz doa for me readers. Wasallam. TQ.

konvo uthm coming very soon

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Dear readers

Konvokesyen. UTHM kali ke - 9. Tarikh 8 July 2010. The tarikh is just the birst day of my eldest son Sobirin.

2) FYI, I haven't attended any convo yet throughout my life. In spite of me having degrees n masters from U.K. convocation is not my sweet memory yet. Hope this year I can attend the cnvo and walk up the stage n get the scroll PHD from the new King (Sultan) of Johor. God Willing. Please pray that there is a rezki for me in this matter.

Ameen. Plz my sons and daughters plz pray that 2010 is a great year of harvest for your dad Szali. OK? It has been a long long wait for ur dad.