Bila marah meluap luap

Posted by sazali

Good morning

Alhamdulilah praise be to Allah
I am married. I still have my wife beside me.  She is doing her best in  helping me.

A married life is not only bed room activities. It covers many major things such as educating l chilfren, finance, raising  them, consumer goods, habits and religious issues.

If one can handle all those *4 things has is a success story.  A reporyyer must help hi
To produce hard evidence in keeping his family alive.

At the moment they have 5 working children.  All sent some money to their parents without fail.  But The money cannot buy aeroplane or big big things. But they are contented. Alhamdulilah.

In raising children sometimes sazali took loans from
M the bank called ambank.

Most of the time he did not reveal the source of the money.  He must pay back the money.
His wife did not borrow any money. So she got no worry atcall.  If she dies paradise waits her.

Sazali will be punished because he is in debts.  No other Malays borrow money from Ambank. They borrowed money from their siblings.  Sazali is the eldest. He has no one to turn to. Everybody thinks he is a jutawan. He he he.

Soblings is not like ambank. One van pay back anytime.  Ambank needs us to pay back 20% every month the rsini g debts.


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