Horrible ecperience

Posted by sazali

Salam. Sorry readers. I was away for 6 months. Why? Sicked in the hospital for 3 months.

In the hospital I experienced 6 things.

1.  Bedsitter.  Mostly my wife accompanied me. Other than her my vhildrrn came. Dr sobirin the eldest came to help.  But myvbedsitter  became my spokesman.  If someone ask what's wrong with this old man I heard she said a wire went missing from his head or memory. Short I lost my memory and soon will die.

2. English.  I speak English My bedsitter only understand Malay. Here lies the misunderstanding.
She sometimes warned me to speak Malay. OK I do but I don't most of the time.

3.  Visitors.  Many friends n students came.  My dear VC Uthm also came. He massaged my arms while my eyes was 50% shut.

4.  Prayers.  I have to pray since I am still alive. The question from my bedsitter was have u done your prayers. I got bored with this question . why? Only primary school students got reminded not 6o old man. she used water spray for me to take ablution.

There were many fightings but I better kept my mouth shut whyvwe fight.

5. Eating time.

I took milk 4 times a day. My relatives came and being served with hot drinks and crackers. Because of the size of my relative families my bedsitter felt so tired. Pity her.

I have 2 sisters but they lived very far from kota bharu. They didn't come when I was critically I'll. They said I was in safe hands. They appeared when I was about to be discharge GED. 6th sept 2017

That's a smart move. This made my bedsitter so furious and confessed uyou are just shit to them.

He he he
6. I take 20 tablets daily

Feel so sick when sendawa.  The smell of the medicine comes so often. This spoil my appetite.

Wasallam. Till we meet again.
That's all for today.


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