small worry

Posted by sazali


There are many kinds of worry.  It depends on us basically.
Some have :

1.  health problem
2.  family problem
3.  job problem

and of course many more.  If one were to come from different places may be s/he will be thinking hard about traffic and robbery cases all around the world.

I think the railway system in this country has improved a lot since 1957 when independepance.
But recently, I discovered that all these LRT, MRT, commuter is meant for the young aged 20 - 46.

I found that the stairs connecting from one level in LRT and MRT is not user friendly.
IT is dangerous for old people with all kinds of diseases.

First heart problem and second prostate problem.

That day I have to move form KLCC2 to Kajang.  IT is hell.
I found it very difficult to catch the service as what the youngsters did.

I think the people who designed this did not think very far for older people's needs and ease.

They should stop and make some changes so that pensioner can enjoy visiting places..

I think that all for now.

Hope some body can pass this to the higher authorities.



  1. suziana mohd tahir said...

    Lama tuan tidak menulis..saya mohon pd Allah semoga tuan sentiasa dlm lindunganNya..

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