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We got all sorts of friends.
Some are new and some are old.

The newest friend can be an hour ago that you met in the airport and those who are considered old .  ..  they come from your former primary and secondary schools in Terengganu and many more places.

We can list some characteristics of our friends.

Some are good.
Some are lousy.
Some are fun to be with and we laugh a lot when we were together.
Some ..watch out!


2)  BTW, I enjoyed to be with my friends most of the times regardless of  our color, race, religion, academic background, number of credit cards in our wallet and football clubs in Malaysia.

We are just good old friends.

3) I was a teacher too.
So I have many students throughout the world.  If we met in FB , I regard them as my friends.  Nothing more and nothing less. 

We shared many things such as:
Tips here and there especially health and traditional medicines like Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah and kopi 3 in 1.
I promote Malaysian fruits like durians and sour soap ( durian belanda)  and many more Malaysian products like PROTON, batiks, songkok and songket   
and many more.

We try our best to write nicely ..  because they know their teacher is not as healthy as before.  Ha..ha..ha..

4) Since  we are still in the raya mood, some tips to have friendship that can last for decades.  If you don't mind

4.1  don't push too much of your out of date idea(s)
4.2  don't sell things and thinking of making  profit from friends
4.3 don't tell your problem so much especially you having a war with your new wife from Vietnam and vice versa.  BTW , do you like Thai malay? ( laugh) the way they talk I mean..
4.4  give things to them example old book(s), old power point slides, old clothes, donations for their poor masjids and suraus
4.5 help them in all your capacities. THe best that you can please.

4.6  if you promise  something please come. Honor your promise.  Come ..

4.7 try to be happy (even though you have not eaten 3 days already)
4.8  don't depend so much on friends , try to be independent and most importantly
4/9  don't expect to get free lunch and dinner from your friends because most wives nowadays
do not like this idea of cooking, serving and washing dishes any more.  They are too busy , you know?  He..he..he..  sorry and
4.10  do not come to borrow any money, car, bike, tudung, corporate jacket from UTHM and torn out jeans.  They will surely hate you openly or secretly.

5) Finally, how to measure yourself among friends?

If you are ill
they ask how are you?

if you are hospitalized they
will visit you with apples and grapes.

if you got married with a new partner from Yala, Thailand
they congratulate you ..  Well Done young man.  Do you want me to supply any new herbs for your well being?

if you die
they will talk nicely about you among their children and relatives and .

if they never ask any thing  about your where about
that shows .. your real worth , mannnnnnnn.  You better Wake Up!

I think that's all for today.  I continue later. Time for morning prayer.  I love praying subuh because in the doa of Qunut .. there is a sentence .. asking Allah the creator of this universe and us ..to grant us good health and happiness.

TQ. Wasallam.


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