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Man worries a lot.
Woman worries much more.

I just like to list  few worries here.  I put them in stage 1, 2 and 3

Stage 1.

Young students worry about studies.
University students worry about jobs and what next?
Working couples worry about buying a good house near their offices.
New young couples do think about babies.  Are they OK or not?


Stage 2.

Young students worry about their look.  Am I pretty among my friends?
University students (Malaysia)  ..  should I continue my study or not?  Or in better terms should I just marry an old Bruneian man who owns everything?

Working couples worry about losing jobs.  Ohsss.. My God. What would happen to .. my mortgage and everything else.

Stage 3.

Young students worry about relationship.  Among their friends and teachers.
University students face more battles ( sleepless nights)  if their SV did not approve their FYP, thesis and write up. Goshh!
Old parents worry about their health.  Why must I face cancer now?


In sum
the worry revolves about what they are doing now.
They less worry about yesterday.  Their focus is tomorrow.
Is there any food for my children ..if I lost the job at the factory?
Health comes and go.  During your healthy times ..we took many things for granted like .. some of us smoke, take drugs, buy prostitutes and so on.  Once we are diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, HIV and stroke ..
we start to cry.  Our cries ..  more or less like the bulls ..  we are going to die very fast.  Don't worry yours will drop by themselves.  Smile OK? 

In short , I would like you to listen this from Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

If you did not fear Allah
then HE will send you with 1001 kinds of worry.

Fearing Allah ..
do your 5 times daily solat
try to be good to your parents
try to be good to your teachers, SV, bosses and many more

If you do good
then more good will come to you.
Sometimes the reward comes instantly ..and sometimes they come one after another.

Please refer to Surah Nouh :  10 - 13
if you repents then .. Allah will forgive you and will bring
all rezeki to you from the skies etc etc.

I think that is all for today.
Hope you worry less now. Please. I also worry but don't worry my problem  is not as bad as PM Malaysia Najib nowadays.  He..he..he.. I can sleep with some money or none in my pocket.  Syukur!



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