tawakal in English

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We are asked to work and do lots and lots of tawakal to the Al Mighty Allah.

Tawakal means ..we rely all the results to HIM alone.

But before tawakal we have to push a bit harder in ..

1)  our daily work

if we are in business, we have to follow some steps like
promoting our goods,
get to know our customers
study their buying habits
selling it well (professionally)
and then we do the tawakal.

2)  our house

if we need a kid/ kids
we have to marry
Get a lady/ man.  Preferably
In Islam we called this union as 'marriage'
where many friends and relatives saw our big day together.
then we sleep as husband and wife
Many nights together happily ever after
then we do tawakal.

In sya Allah, the kids coming one after the other.
Some got 3 kids.
Some got 5.
Me?  I got 6.
I try a lot after that .. the same old story.  but I think Allah decides 6 is the best for me.
Some got 18.

Don't be silly.
Some people make serious doa to get a kid/ children.
Alas they are sleeping a lone all this while.

Allah rules .. we must mix between male and female.
then HE decides .. to give us a child or not.

Some got all healthy babies. Some got all sicked babis.  Some got none.
See?  it is Allah's work to give us babies or not.

We can try ..trying ..
at the end after tawakal, we get the result.  A crying baby.
 This also apply in
3)  our study in college/ universities
4)  getting a good job or not.
5)  trying new business
6)  recovering from a bad illness

Our job is to try.
Then we do the tawakal to the Al Mighty ..
May Allah helps us this time..

Please remember this.
We have to keep on trying all our best + prayer.

Allah gives us something
and Allah takes it from us anytime.
All is in power of Allah.

Man cannot do beyond what Allah has destined us.

if we can control everything,
nobody will die.

All will get a healthy baby.
When this happen, there wont be any more clinics and hospitals.

Imagine every body so fine/
clinics and hospitals closing.   No health products, educations and many more.

So if we look around
Allah is the Most Al Mighty.

He gives us life
and HE gives us death.

After our death,  paradise and hell .. would be coming.
Without death..  there wont be good life in the paradise/  horrible life in the pit of hell.


Thank you.


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