parents got one?

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Many of us are fortunate to have their old parents with them in this age when some politicians are screwing tons of money for their own good.


a)  some one think ..they will enter paradise automatically if they obey their parents blindly (without questioning)

b)  some one think .. their parents' time has past is their turn to rule the houses, the properties and what not. Enjoy more?

c)   why obey them?  They did not obey their parents too when they were young.  The 'roda' moves, right?  Let them see the treatment they got as they used to treat  their old parents horribly many years ago.

d)  troublesome

e) they are always sick & sickening

f) always telling sad sad stories each time the children  touched down from the blue skies.

g)  thick headed (stubborn) - they love to go to the clinics but they are afraid eating proper food; in fact they brag of seeing top clinicians with their all sorts of sickness & acting

h)  they enjoy taking all sorts of pills from 'klinik pakar' but  rice and many more good food on the tables they  shun away

i)  they are mere slaves to some of us.  Why?  they take care of the grand children day in and day out. Some work just for the sake of her true love.  Their children are changing fast cars as each Syawal comes.

j) and many more.

In the Quraan , in the Al Hadith of the traditions said "..  Allah curse those ..who in spite of having old parents with them , they missed the opportunity to serve them ... ..". History repeats itself ..i think?

What do you think ..  is this you?  Say istighfar and change your attitude/ their attitude too.  Go and see your parents. Drive slowly. Sometimes it is us who got tons of soils on our faces the pit of grave/



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