Thank goodness

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Thank goodness we are safe from major calamities like .:

1) fatal accidents during the big festival Eid Mubarak where more than 188 deaths reported to have happened throughout the country during the last 9 days

2) we still got  jobs to make ends meet

3) we are still healthy , strong and ..

4) our head and brain still fully  intact


What more do we want?


It is very weird to travel here where many police took charge of the traffic nationwide but yet .. many accidents happened.  Do you know why?

Herewith  are few good reasons:

1) generally the drivers here have bad attitudes; lacking  considerations; cutting queues etc etc.

2)  some just did not give any signals to change lane(s) especially kampung folks getting out on the trunk roads.. i think they thought the roads are their grandpa's properties.  I think?

3) some think they are driving in their villages

4)  bad management - too many drivers got their licences easily from many other means - some of us called it as 'corruption' right from the driving schools to the JPJ

5)  some parents are too rich.  They give birthday presents like motorbikes and fast cars.  Of course those children did not last long .  They lost their limbs and / or lives and .. but this is the good news for some daily tabloids.

6) no patience .. even though the imams read khutbahs about 'being patience' .. they did not see the importance of being a little bit considerate on the roads.  Irony, they can wait for hours to break the fast .... but for overtaking other cars ..they could hardly wait a minute.  The result they go to hell ( somebody told me).  laugh.

7)  bad road system -  no light on dangerous corners ..see KB- Gerik - Penang highway.

8) they were driving expensive cars but their eyes remain shut (for a few seconds) and of course
 many bad stories  actually happened again and again.

Think please ..are these true?



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