Write well Jali, will you?

Posted by sazali

Salam/ greetings to you my readers

The title of my writings now is 'write well'.

How well is it?

God knows.  But we better follow what the examiners want.

There are 4 steps to follow:

1)  there must be a story to tell .  Did you see the word 'MUST'?

2)  IF NO STORY ..Do not write anything ..but ooopss.. today I got a story to tell ..how to write well

3)  you must know your audience .. who is going to read your writings.  If the readers are examiners at GCE 'O' Levels; GCE 'A-" levels , B.Sc thesis, M.Sc masters and /or Ph.D , then you better write well else they fail you.  Yes..as easy as that.

4)  what is your target of writing? Are you going to be like Datuk Lat .. where he draws something ..then the money comes in into his account .. Me? he..he..he..   I do it for Allah.  If one day Allah were to ask me ..what did you do with your 'small' knowledge ..then I can reply comfortably in the padang masyar  .. ya robbb.. i wrote to spread your deen.  Yes to all corners of the world...

How confident that ..you can say . ..  all corners of the world ..you got readers ?

I think so ..insya allah.

Have you ever heard this story before ..

it goes this way ..

one day ..in a small apartment ..there lives a family of educated ones ..the parents went to Harvard and Cambridge, their 5 children graduated from Sheffield, Brunel London, UTP, UTHM, UiTM, UIA and ...

the youngest is still learning in the primary 1 class.

That particular  evening while waiting for the moon to appear on the horizon overlooking the sea ..

the small girl noticed .. the tyres of her dad's car were very dirty indeed ..

so ..she decided to wash them up.  She wash wash wash and of course all her clothes got wet ..

The next morning ..  after the sun was high ...

the parents and their big children ..  wake up ..  and alas ..  they were shocked ..why?

the tires look much more horrible than what they saw yesterday.

Everybody complained ..and their faces ..  tell many stories ..they were not happy .. their dad's car is now unfit to be driven all over the places for festivals etc etc.

So they drag down the young girl from her room..and start beating and pulling her hair.  Of course she cried like ....


girls are born to cry ..right?

Since she cried so loudly ..the whole village came over to see.


* why did you beat her up?
** she spoilt the car - our dad's car
***  why?  she wash the tyres

Villager:  she is just a small girl.  Did she have any brothers or sisters?
**  yes ..here we are!

Villager:  why didn't you wash your dad's car?

**they did not answer (looking at their fat, long feet instead)

Villager:  well ..if that is the case ..  all of you look so foolish to punish this girl.  The duty of washing must have gone to you ..  because she has bigger brothers and sisters.  right?

then all of a sudden ..  the whole family became the talk of the village.  Why didn't her brothers and sisters not helping their parents?


the moral of the story is:

"..my writing is not good ..  it has many faults .. but i still write daily ..

why is this so ,....

because majority of us do something for ..  money, fame, show , and many worldly things ..

so please pardon me, will you?..i write to share lillah hi taala.

May God forgive me ..

Another lesson is .. many work of dakwah were done by incompetent ones .. why?  the learned ones did not want to take part at all , they are good at finding all types of fault ..this is wrong, that is not right .. their tajwid was not perfect yet/ recitation of the Quran is not up to mark/ they got little knowledge about Islam  ..  they say many times again and again the same old thing  ..that is why the world is looking badly at Islam .. all this while.

thank-you my blessed brothers/sisters.

Wasallam/  bading you good bye now.


  1. suziana mohd tahir said...

    Saya tertarik bila membaca penulisan tuan, bab bagaimana untuk bercakap dan menulis bahasa inggeris dengan baik. I love the point when you said, 'listen carefully how the native english speak. Try and imitate them.' Saya telah melakukannya sejak di bangku sekolah lagi dan saya juga telah ditempelak dgn kata-kata 'she sound so fake'. Ini telah sedikit sebanyak membuat saya berasa sedih dan rendah diri. Mungkin kata-kata itu dihamburkan kerana saya bukanlah seorang lulusan universiti (bermakna saya tidak layak untuk bercakap cara begitu). Namun hal ini tidaklah sampai mematahkan semangat saya kerana saya berpegang pada tunjuk ajar guru agama saya yang berpesan, 'jika kamu membaca Al Quran maka kamu bacalah sebagaimana orang/lidah arab membacanya.' Perkara ini telah saya gunapakai bukan setakat pada bahasa arab namun bahasa inggeris dan bahasa-bahasa lain juga. Tuan, pada pendapat saya yang hina ini, tidaklah salah sama sekali jika kita cuba mempelajari bahasa asing berserta lenggok loghat mereka kerana akan mencetuskan suasana yang lebih bersemangat dan berbesar hati (bagi mereka yang memahami) untuk belajar lagi dan lagi...

  2. sazali said...

    Tahniah Puan. If we do things for Allah's sake ..do it well. Ignore what others are saying .. you got Al Hakeem's story? As long as men/women got their mouths ..they will never stop saying this and that. Forgive them .. and soon you will be a better you insya allah. Allah knows best! Keep it up and look ahead

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