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I decided to write about this since this morning  31 May 2017.
But ..

now it is the time to write.


I am not writing about grammar ..  simple future tense.

I am writing about our future.

3)  many parents think this way

If the child is doing well in his studies .. he will be a millionaire.

If the child is sweet and nice ..tall and having good body structure ..  she will easily settle down with somebody from Qatar or Brunei.  If she married the rich man and got divorce one day .. she returns with tons of gold. 

I think those did not work any more.

Now 700,000 graduates without jobs.  Some got jobs but they are not happy at all.  They said ..they are being cheated.  Study degree , but they got a pay cheque..  peanuts stuff?  Ha..ha..ha..

Study masters at UUM ..but doing a clerical job.  To prove , just go and visit Putrajaya.  Many master holdres are crying. TQ PM of today.  We shall claim all the mistreatments .. for barter trading 1 month of our work with all your umrah, haji and fasting.  Can?  
We belong to Allah all the time.
He is the one who decides for us. Our future is in HIS hand.

4)  Just look at your friend ..he can hardly read, solve any maths questions ..yet his wife is a somebody.  He commands the kampong people using Toshiba remote control only while wearing BN corporate uniform.

what about you?  you know so much ...but unfortunately you work so hard .. finding this and that ..
why?  at last you got 1, 2  heart attacks.  Ha..ha..ha..


5) we must learn from now onwards Allah controls everything.
From birth, at the present time until our death.. Allah is the one who controls everything including our future.

Some good students ..they left the country to read PHD.  But 50% came back empty handed.
Some slow students ..they stay put.  When those highflyers came back .. they work with the slow achievers.  Why?  the slow achievers focus on hand technical vocational skills and build a  network of motor services.  Soon he hired all kinds of staff trained from Lim Kok Wing, Hamburg, London and his other good friends.  So where is the future here?  Any body can explain here the FUTURE.

How to live well?
The answer is :

Stay connected to Allah all the time through solat (prayers), sedekah, doing good deeds and stay away from forbidden things ( taking rakyat properties knowingly or unknowingly).

Have a good sense of heart with Allah.  In good or bad times.  All this , Allah wanted to test us.  If we married a rich lady .. Allah is testing us ..do you have the ball to wake her up for subuh or make you a cup of simple KOPI  O ?

if you married a poor lady plus no skills in the kitchen .. but she helps you with 10 children (50% handicap) Allah is testing your level of patience.
How can you sort this 'kind of human being?

Our lives is full of successes and tribulations.
Allah wanted to see who is the best among us.
Who has the greatest patience after all?

In sum ,
our future lies in the hands of Allah.
Ask HIM to provide you a good life and  sustenance.
Read Al Quraan more and more and do lots of doa please in Ramadhan.

If you want to get more, try Dakwah.
Here your rezeki is spread all over the places.

Stay focus.
Stay humble.
Stay obedient.
Always ask from Allah.  Ask HIM for your speedy recovery.
He gives us LIFE and of course he took away our life due to cancer, diabetes, prostate and many more.

Just ask from HIS protection.
He will help you ..


Fathuri  Salahudin (2017).  Mudahnya menjemput rezeki Part 2.  Pasir Puteh


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