taking risk

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I like mathematics.

it is a subject that brings one to the skills that deals with risk.

Many of my students took mathematics in the early part of their degree programs.
Mathematics is one of them.

After mathematics, they will meet statistics and probability.
This is a subject about taking higher levels of risk.

2)  I like to take risk.

three types of risk that I took was

2.1  getting married

I married a Selangorian.  So far ok after 36 years.  From mathematics, I learnt that I spent a lot f money buying petrol dan servicing my cars .. but when I reflect back all those nice times.. it is all worth while?  Why?

we belong to Allah after all.  I always tawakal to Allah when deciding things. That's come from my kitab and close association with the ustaz and ustazah in my life.

2.2  building a house after retirement

I took another big risk building a house after retirement.  From 1000 close friends, 999 did not agree me building one.  But I built it since 2014.

Now my children and my son/daughter in laws can holiday in a big house 40 km from Kota Bharuu. The parking lot is also big.  My grand children can do camping , swimming or play fish fishing near the rivers if they wanted to.  They can bring at least 5  buses with them.  Rate RM50 per night/

In this place, they can see chickens, ducks, cows and buffaloes.  They can also see a snake, if they wanted to see.  Many sizes actually. Pick one please.
Snakes like to come when it is flooded.
They got no where else to go .. so high building is the place they come to unwelcomingly.

So I get a big gun in case the snakes come .. conquering my empire.  You see my reason, dear? It is easy to blow their heads ..just aim and pull the trigger.  Easy .. real cool .. their heads go all over the world.

2.3  early retirement

I retired at the age of 56.
From 1000 close friends that I had, 999 of them said I was so stupid.  My mother also fainted the day when she learnt I did not work anymore.  She always think ..I am the  banker.  If the banker stop working..what shall she eat in future.  Funny?  She always attend Islamic talk near Jaafar Rawas corner in Kota Bharu on Friday  .. but tons of theories  is completely different from reality. 

But who cares.
My life is my life.

During my retirement , I worked as a contract specialist in Penang for 2 and the half years.
From that money, alhamdulilah , I used it to support my son in London and his family too if their money run short.

That money too,  I can sponsor my other son getting married.  He must be really lucky.

From a fainted grand mother to a smiling young married man within 3 years.  All come good after my retirement.  I travelled quite a lot during this time too.  The best was Japan.  In Japan, I met a nice lady.  ( next time .. I story)

Actually Allah owns us.
He knows everything.
If we do istikharah sincerely ..dan make doa  a lot ..Allah will take care of us all the way.
It is not us who controls our life, but it is Allah who owns everything.  From your first finger to the 11th.  Check up please!

What He expects  from us is

Be a good servant
be a good slave
be a good mukmin/ mukminat
be a good father
be a good teacher , lecturer, professor, specialist
and the rest .. Allah will do everything smilingly all the way.

My next risk is going out in the path of Allah with a heart disease.

Hope I  will be picked by Allah to do the work of dakwah.  Verily those who work in dakwah .. Allah has selected them. HE checked us 70 times daily .. and then he decided.. you are my messenger.  See?

Allah promises

"..If we help the deen of Allah
Allah will surely  help you".

In conclusion

we must learn to take risk.

On the motorway, when I overtake  a lorry with my RM40k  Kelisa
I am  taking a big risk.

If I do not want to do that , by the time
I reach KL ,  all the food there will be finished.  (laugh).

Rich people such as Steve Jobs wrote
no risk, no gain. Right?

He didn't bother to complete his degree.  When he saw something that could make money loads of it all the time, good bye university  and you BLESSED professors.

With that
I am leaving you

in the hands of the Al Mighty Allah.

May Allah gives us good life in this dunia and akhirat.  The best dunia is ..living with a nice lady.  Believe me!  It is the best asset one can have. 



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