type of things that can happen anytime

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There are many things that can happen suddenly, as planned and etc.

Things that can happen so suddenly are:

* death
** you win a lottery in USA

Things that happen as planned are:

* marriage
** food , party
*** calling makchik for 'massaging'


* death happens anytime.
A rich man like the late Tan Sri Yahya passed away because of a helicopter accident. He was at the top of an entrepreneurship era  about technology, PROTON, HICOM-DRB
and yet he perished with his beautiful wife.

Another episode more tragic.
A plane MH10 - from Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai ..just disapperaed  and all passengers 400 of them perished.

So tragic.
What can I do?

Another set of event that is beyond our comprehension,
is winning a lottery.

Once in USA, a 90 year old couple hit the jackpot ..many many million USA dollar.
Why old couple?

Whu not younger set of people?

See..  it can happen.  So far the best lottery I got was a carpet costing RM100 , I got from a family day with SEAMEO RECSAM.  See the price? RM100


Neber mind .I used the carpet when I watched Berita Perdana ..telling all the good points Najib Razak has done to the country.  TN50.  Fantastic!

Another sets of events are things planned and they happen so well.

Example 1.

We plan our marriage. How much to spend?
Should we buy flowers more than 1 million ringgit.  For WHAT!

If we plan and control our money
after the marriage we can sleep so nicely.

Else ..so many things can happen.
The loan sharks looking for you ..all over the places.
Not only PDRM looking for you my dear  .. many benggalis men ..also fond of seeing you anywhere, anytime.

May be they kill you , Ok?

Example 2.

Happy Birthday Party.

This party ..we can hold any time.
Say RM2000 and we invite everybody on the street.

More people to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

but I noticed one thing..

just for a 1 year old girl ..somebody held a party for more than 10K  ringgit.


isn't that a waste!
Wastage is an act of satan.  And satan is doomed to hell.

When I was young,  I asked my wife to prepare

jempuut pisang ..how much .. meant for 100 students.
booked ice cream magnolia ..  for 100 students costing at RM2 each
many kinds of drinks
sof drinks, harder drinks
keropok losong from Trengganu ..  RM300
so total

RM500  to EM2000

See?  nothing really matter!
my 1 year old girl won't understand anything ..why on earth should I spend so much on a  1 year old daughter.

No contributions yet except ..  painful cries and we hardly sleep.


but we plan .. and ir work.
All those 100 students went home filling full and blessed.

and RM500 to RM1000  is just 10% of my monthly pay.  So great right?


So with that ..
we can live better.
Even though I drove national cars , the best things are
all my children went to the univertities and got employed.

So say Alhamdulilllah quietly  to the Almighty Allah .. this ramadhan kareem.
A lot and a lot.

Will you?

IN summary
we are what we are.
If we tawakal a lot to Allah, we can conquer the world.

 I prefer to plan my way (s).

But at the end always express your deep  gratitude to the Almighty Allah all the times.
How to do that?  Easy..

just obey all his instructions and stay away from haram things like cheating, killing, fornicating, taking rasuah and many more.  Be a good employee all the time, insyallah!  Allah puts khair in all things that you touch.



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