A Friday morning

Posted by sazali


Thanks god ..we are still alive.  If tomorrow is our death ...it means we have less than 24 hours to repent all our misdeeds.

Imagine if all of us have an expiry date.  I think the mosques will be full to the brim.

2)  the gangsters, bombers, .. they will cry like mad dogs in the mosques.

What a scene looking at ministers crying for forgiveness , .. stealing peoples' money, swindling etc etc..

To reduce that, Allah is great ..  He does not attach any expiry tag on our neck.

We must be grateful for that, mustn't we?


Today is the day to send darud to our beloved prophet muhammad s.a.w. 1 darud = 10 blessings from the almighty god Allah.

For that, I leave you now with wa alaikum mus salam.


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