twilight years in Malaysia

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When we were young, we dream of building a big family which is as big as it can be .  We started getting married , then the kids came one after the other.  Alhamdulilah.  By that , we proved we got something 'great' from biological point of view.  Subhanallah!

Then we worked hard so that our children get good education so that there is some future for them (god willing).  Deep between our ribs we hope the children will be much better than us in many ways.  Unknowingly .. the kids grew bigger and taller and entered boarding schools and then universities one after the other.  We smiled at their convocations as we took many kinds of pictures together.  If we had time now, looking at the old albums, we saw lucky we were.  Alhamdulilah!

But slowly after their convocations, they got jobs many miles away from home.  One after the other they flew the nest and then they got married and their kids .. came one after the other too.

Soon, ... , we are now called grand dads and grand mums.  ALLAHU AKKBAR!

2)  What I am trying to tell the readers are :

2.1  get yourself ready to live alone quietly
2.2  get set ..  the calls from the loved ones can be counted 1,2,3  daily, weekly, monthly and yearly for they are occupied with their jobs and families too,
2.3  if your partner left to the heaven  (passing away) much earlier than you .. then you are more lonely unless you get yourself prepared to survive example getting married to someone (older or younger than you .. say age 78 or 38 ...pick one plz?)

Some friends suggested for the parents to stay with their children ..he..he..  he and me?

To be honest, I can only survive 2-3 days only in somebody's fortress.. why?

3)  I like to explore new areas and get newer sets of friends by myself.  But now , ..many places are guarded and .. and so many foreigners ..are hired as security workers around KL, PJ, SA, Seremban..

thus going to the nearby mosques , universities' libraries,  roti canai stalls .. are not so interesting any more.  There are so many questions asked ... who are you, where you going etc etc .. by the security people.  Huh?

Gone were the days ..we can go out ..and we stopped at places where nobody bother where we went for hours.

With strict regulations near our beloved ones's fortresses,  life is no more fun for the grand dad like me.


but one lesson to learn  is would be very boring soon ..  if one does not learn the art of  surviving with their own cooking, hygiene, hobbies, writing, doing dakwah tabligh (muz taiddd deen) ya Allah and many more.

May God save us .. Ameen once we are called an'educated' pensioner.  Got me, you?



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