simple skema for success

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I have every confidence that a good life begins from a standard set of examples laid out by our blessed  parents at home.  The following are some examples that might  promise a healthy and happy family.  Try please?

1.  sleep early, wake up early -  prayer at dawn begins at 0530 am and after praying can jog along a small path.  You build your stamina by praying early and running in the morning.  No need ..overseas' holiday.  Have you heard the fate of  .. MH17 and MH370, why oh why?

2.  a good breakfast.  Mine usually consists of a set of toasted bread.  I put jam, kaya, peanut butter and ..  some fruits like papaya, pineapples and tomatoes.  Then off I go to my  university.

3.  I enjoy reading journals about mathematics education written by Prof Wan  (UTP), Prof Maizam (UTHM) , Prof Nik Aziz (UM) and Prof Schoenfeld (Berkeley, California).  During my Ph.D study, I managed to get good responses and guidance from Alan Schoenfeld regarding my writings.

4.  I try my utmost best to be punctual to my teaching lesson(s).  I walk into the classroom with a small number of smiling early birds at 0800 sharp ,,and gradually more  students trickled into the class as the teaching progresses.  The usual excuses .. the university bus is late Sir!  Raining Sir!  I always tell them the bus please.

5.  I try my best to prepare my lessons.  My lesson plan.  My handouts etc etc.  Must be fully prepared to meet my  students in mathematics/ statistics.

6.  I try to answer some questions from my students.

7.  At 10:15 , I mix with my friends at the canteen.  We talked a bit about our lessons, politics, soccer and many more.  I tried to take as little time as possible at the canteen ..knowing that I have to mark some homework; supervise projects and my masters stdents.

8.  Try to meet my Head Department, Head of the Computer Labs etc etc regarding MATLAB, SPSS etc etc.
9.  Putting the marked papers in the tray outside my room.  Handling more problem with statistics project among my 400 + first year degree stats students/

10.  Lunch time?  Going lunch with few friends and of course ..  zohor solat at the nearest mosque.

11.  Lecture at 1400 - 1600  hours.  So penattt ..this time already.
12.  Calling it a day at 1730 pm every day.

13.  1800 hours .. report back to my family.  Tea time.  Sleep a bit with today's paper on my flat tummy
14.  1930 hours -  maghrib prayer at the mosque with my son(s)
15.  2030 hours -  dinner and  isya' prayer;   2230 hours - sleep, if I can enjoy saying that ... (ha..ha..) ?
16.  0430 am -  wake up to do more reading, preparing for lecture, subuh at the mosque
17.  0700 am - sending my girls to school
18. 0750 am  - reach my office.

that is all i want to say.  This did not promise you the paradise ..  but I believe this pattern somehow had produced 4 graduates ( my children)  who are now working. During the week ends..  we visit our parents and Saturday market , shopping mall etc etc.  O yes ..  invitation to our friends' relatives' weddings ..mall  on our agenda too plus visits to my sick ones.  We try to accommodate that ..the best that we can.  Al Fatihah.


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