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We came nearly last in TIMSS and PISA.  After all these years .. the main thing is ..  no big lord is talking about the quality of our teachers.

Look this ".. Teaching does make a difference. A good teacher in any subject is the difference between interest and boredom. A good teacher in any subject is the difference between understanding and memorisation. If we want a brighter future for our children, we will put good teachers in our schools."

2)  So who are the teachers here in this country?

3)  My children complained her SBT = sekolah budak tidur ;  her teachers not seen for few days ..  preparing for sports meet here and there and ..finally the bomb came 70% of our teachers not fit to teach English.  Bugger me!

I think if the government test the maths and science teachers ..may be .. some proportion of teachers are not fit to teach maths n science too.

So who the hell ..  pulled these teachers into the teaching world called schools, colleges, and polytechnics (MOE)  in the first place?

Of course not Manchester United FC nor ..  Brazil Football Organization who was put to shame with 1 - 7 with Germany.  OMG!

In 1980's , when I joined school .. one lady teacher ..  talked big ..her husband is in the state education department, her daughters doing English in a nearby teaching colleges .. and her brother in law is in Kumpur ..  Bahagian Pendidikan Guru ..

in short ..the whole family /families ..  are teachers and recruiter of teachers.  Blind me?

If I were to walk pass her classroom .. i did not see her teaching English ma .. what i got was ..  she was angry with some of the late comers.

4)  so we got 2 problems

first ..the teachers themselves

and the second is .. they are not teaching .. they are talking other things in the class the above context ..  her anger was put in a local  dialect.  Great lesson of English .. i suppose?

5)  i think if the Lord is ..  great ..and  if the teachers number  can be reduced further to 50% in total ...  I think all teachers will start measuring up ..  they will be more responsible ..reading, preparing her lessons and marking the books ..i.e., no more business other than teaching in the classroom.

For that ..

everything that starts .. has to end.

Shape up ..or get out from the teaching profession.

See you.


A concerned parent (1989 - 2012)


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