Teacher, teacher what is that ?

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Good Morning -  this is the expression we got as teachers once we walked into the classroom.  I think it is nice for young pupils to greet their teachers with that ..because .. this builds some form of respect between them and their teachers.

Why respect?  From the teachers - they get some knowledge and some form of guidance 24/7 .  the teachers also impart experience and methods to avoid from danger among the girls.

In fact , if we have a teacher , we have learnt many things - short cut to many routes of success.

2)  From my experience as a pupil in Johor, Terengganu and Perak ..  I have mostly very good and dedicated teachers especially in mathematics, sciences and languages.  Without them I am sure many of my readers do agree we won't be what we are today.

It is very true ... prime minister, consultants, professors, specialists, nurses, teachers, engineers and ..every kind of jobs ..  all these started from the work of our lovely teachers.

In fact in 1960's ...  many parents allowed the teachers to cane their children as much as possible ..  except killing and hurting/breaking the limbs of their children. With that, Malaysia got good reputation all over the world in terms of sports (hockey, soccer) and business dealings ( the golden service of MAS).

Now .. I am afraid ..  not many papers reported about the good work  of our so called  teachers any more.  They printed many stories about teachers .. harming their own pupils.  This created a cycle of disrespect to the teaching professions .. and of course ..once the teachers lost their due  respect  ..  our athletes failed to secure as many gold medals in many international meets example the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow that had ended recently ..and  even our sepak-takraw team looked so soft as compared to the thais and the vietnamese.  OMG.

I think that is all for today my teachers.  I appreciate all of my good , wonderful teachers like the late Yusof Ngah and Mr Dominic (scout master)  in TMS, Besut.  RIP and  al fatihah.

Thank you.



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