Kalau tidak silaplah kefahamanku ..

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How nice to wake up to the bright beautiful world out there again?

We are given another instance to appreciate the greatness of Allah ..with its sunlight, breeze, oxygen, carbon dioxide, greenness and many more .  All these are completely free for us to enjoy while we are called the living souls today.

What is important ..we appreciate the nikmat (this gift) from the Al Mighty! (subhanallah, alhamdulilah and Allahu akbar).

2)  In the kitab ..  called Al Quraan ..  and Al Hadith ..  man is projected at all  times much superior to lady(ies).  There are many instances God ask the man to be fair in giving out treatment to his wife, children , mother and father.  In fact to give food, shelter and education  to the wive and children is regarded as a big ibadat (worship).  To get money from the market is much respected by God then to stay iktikaf(inside)  in the masjid 24/7.

3)  But today ... from the FB .. i got the other story .. a man giving out sedeqah to the wive is 70 x more superior to giving out sedeqah to his close friends in the office and clans.

and most importantly .. the trend now is ..many wives are working out there as doctors, professors, teachers and nurses.  In many homes, the wives are bringing bigger cakes to the tables than the men day in and day out.  So what relevance is there ..  from point (2) and (3) regarding the old kitabs with regard to this current trend?

I am so sorry to put this .. but it is good to think ..

Some of my friends told me .. that is the sign of .. the world is getting very old indeed (the end of the world).  really!

Thank you.



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