6th Jan 2015

Posted by sazali

Salam/  Greetings

My first day at the office.

Wush..  so many happenings to narrate.  But .. that can come later I suppose.

2)  Just to say Thanks Ya Allah..  for being ..

alive..  healthy ..wise ..

still working ..

having my mum , sisters and brother and my own family around me ..

and most importantly .. can still mention the words like La Illah ha illallah ..  Muhamad dur Rasulullulah;  Subhana llah, Alhamdulilah and Allahu Akbar from my lips .

3)  I thought ..my house in Kelantan was the most heavily hit by the flood ..but when I visited Manek Urai and Kuala Krai ..  then I realized my loss is negligible ..  really ..

my loss compared to those ..who had loss everything like Acheh 2004 .. hushhhh ..  really nothing to talk about.

4)  Last year 2014 , I conducted a small MUET classes for 10 students (few girls n boys).  Last night they called .. 6 of them passed the test.  Syukur .. some smiles printed on my face knowingly or unknowingly ..  at least I have contributed something nice for my fellow students .. o yes ..no money credited into my account at all , you know? (he..he..he..)!  and just now ..my ex-student ..  she got inspector job in POLICE FORCE effective FEBRUARY 2015...  she called ..  so nice of her ..
  so happpy ..  i join them in their greatest achievement yet.  Alhamdulilah.

So in sum ..  I better be grateful to the Al Mighty Allah for giving me another chance to redo .. all the good deeds and stay away from the bad things ( smoking, lazing around doing nothing in the office , disregarding the Boss's orders, ill feelings with my superiors and inferiors,  messing about with somebody's daughter ..hush same age like my own blooded daughters ..oh no .. astagh firullah hal azeem  ).

So let us be good, shall we?

Wallah hu aklam bis sawabbbbb.

p/s:  i still have my cars to drive in.  In Kuala Krai, Manek Urai and Gua Musang ..many cars were written offf..  once and for all.  Allah hu Akbar!


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