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After Zohor ..just now ..  I like the words of an English song ..that goes something like this:

1)  don't forget to say TQ Allah ..  He has given us too much nikmat in this life

2)  don't forget to say Insya allah ..  because we do not know our destiny tomorrow, the day after tommorow
and so on ..


Allah hass given us too much nikmat (blessings).  Our skin is dark.  But our children is a bit fairer like the chinese.  We are not good in mathematics but our children mostly are working as engineers.

We are poor but the rich families wanted our girls (laugh).

We come from Kelantan ..but our rezeki comes out of no where .. so varied ..hard to count.

We hardly be able to speak well like the people from the istana but our girls are teachers and our friends do come from many places in Malaysia.

We don' t have phones ..but our contact can go from East. West , North and South.  From this interaction, we know there is Allah out there , every where.


We get married. Some got many children. Some got only one child.  and some got married many times .. but their score remains 0 child.  See the power of Allah.

Some met their husbands once a year .. but they still give birth annually.
Some met their husbands every day ..but they are still childless.

See the power of Allah.  Subhanallah, Alhamdulilah and Allhu Akbar.


We cannot be certain in this life.  We thought we can drive our =new cars for 9 years but suddenly when we woke up the next morning .. the car was gone.  Swept by the powerful water from the Kelantan River.  Then it is wise to say Insya allah ..i will enjoy driving this car the next 8 - 9 years.

We love our wives so much but some of us lost our wives through accidents, ill health , quarelling, jealousy, family influences and many more.  Sometimes our wives wanted to kick us out from her lives. Why?  people change.  She wanted a new husband.  We are just no good for her anymore.  If the river banks change with the passing times , what more the people like our dear wives.  She also change. We cannot blame her. That is why we must use Insya allah (if Allah allows).

10 scholars left Malaysia for Ph.D from few universities here. Half of them returned successful .. 2 came back empty handed except 2 - 3 new babies made overseas and some return a bit confuse ( permanent head damage ..they say?)

So .. before you left the shore of this country towards USA/ UK/ Australia/ Japan ..say Insya allah I will return with my Ph.D.

TQ for reading .


Dr S.


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