Good Morning teacher ..

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When I was at school , I looked forward to meet my english teacher Miss Fam

We started with Good Morning   teacher.

Good Morning boys and girls ..please sit down.

2)  Miss Fam taught us English Lietrature .. Tom Sawyers and 39 steps ..

I love english literature because of few important things:

2.1 I love English Soccer
2.2  I love English films ..Dr No, Tarzan and the ape
2.3 most importantly ..most of our english teachers were lovely and nice.

3)  From Englisah literature , I moved to learning english with the late Yusof Ngah (ex-Principal of TMS and SS, Kuala Terengganu).  The day I loved most was Sir Yusof Ngah ..presented me a 'english translator' badge for my scout uniform other scout badges.  That was the beginning of me having good regards to languages other than mathematics.

4)  At school, the teachers tried their best to excel not only with the teachig of their specialized subjects but some of them incorporate ..  good leadership in school sclubs etc.  I think tthis is good because rarely we remembered our teacher from his teaching ..  we, instead, remembered them most from their mixing, mingling with us out side the classrooms.

5) I met Miss Fam the last ..inj London Malaysia Hall in 1982.  She was still a charming lady.  He..he..he..  I liked the way she spoke in English.  The first thing she said '..hah best orator ..  '. We all laughed.

She was with Tuan Hj Muhyideen Md Takah (ex-Principal SNS, Sek Gong Nering, Besut).

Tuan Hj Muhyideen taught me geography since he was my good neighbour once in Jerteh, Terengganu.  I loved his drawing 3D far as river embankment with river currents ..  it was a lovely time together Cikgu.

Lastly, I just would like to say ..  teaching is a very nice profession.  Pupils remember you .. for many many years to come .. knowingly or unknowingly.

Till then .. good bye teachers.

Good Bye. May God bless you.  Ameen.


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