Happy times did not last , my friends.

Posted by sazali


We have a lot of good moments, haven't we?

Firstly, we passed with flying colours.
Secondly, we got a good job called teaching.
Thirdly, we got scholarship to read our masters abroad.
Fourthly, we got married once, twice, ..  nth times (if God permits).

so finally .. that is life ..  my friends.

But don't forget ...each happy moment did not last .. examples:

* after getting a job, someone got fired .
** after getting married, some went separate ways (divorce)
* after grand finale , some one got killed on the highway

and many , many more.

In short ,  the moments can change.  From extreme happiness one had to sick, sickening type of  sadness we call. Why?

So that all of us know, there is someone who controls our dear lives.  He is called Allah Taala - the Al Mighty God.  He controls everything that we have.

In the morning, we eat something. At lunch time, we got killed. A tall tree came crushing us down.  We are now dead like an 'ikan bilis'.


Allah hu Akbar! Al fatihah.




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