Why no jobs here?

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Many parents are misled ..why their children could not land a job in this country upon completion of their studies.  The actual truth is not English competencies .. etc etc but ..

1) most jobs ..  are taken by other people ..who are willing to accept lower pay .. than the market force that rules .. demand supply of labor force.

2)  in the plantations ..  the owners wanted to pay as lowest as possible .. because there are people out there who are willing to work for them day , night, without stop.

3)  tauke tauke ..  wanted to hire cheap labour .. and put higher prices ..the difference is called 'profit'.

The ultimate aim of any business man is to get as most profit as possible.  With gst, tol hike ..but cheap labour ..  who wanted to miss this golden opportunity in hiring outside hands to tend to their businesses.

Not the locals.

The locals came from many kinds of homes.  They know the basic structure of pay here.  Their schools, polytechnics and universities have put all the structure on the table.  This is to make comparison .. a bit there and a bit here.

FYI, I was told by my good friends .. foreigners whom i met in the nearby mosques .. on friday ..they are paid ..so and so ..but their food and beddings are all covered.

With that amount of pay ..I don't think any 'mamat and minah he' he he  wanted to work ..


the locals have to attend to many kinds of business and social like events not the foreigners. the locals :

3.1  visits the old families ..sick ones ..dying ones ..  new born babies .. new married old man ...

3.2  they travel by trains, bus, cars ..  al these need extra cash

3.3 they buy new , newer kinds of clothes ..shoes ..  glasses .. and many more.  Why>?  they deserve that .. why? they got degrees man.


I don't think some of our ministers English is all that great after all.

Even though they claimed to have graduated from overseas ..just listen to their speech.  It did not reflect their long stay abroad.  Some did not finish speaking all english in 10 minutes on stage  .. they put malay a bit here and there ..  just because they are rubbing shoulders with the kings and royals from here or Saudia ..so what?

Pity my ex-students ...the government blamed they are too choosy lots.

No ..no ..no ..

there are no more good jobs for us all.

Till the next writings ..  good bye.




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