Is science so interesting here?

Posted by sazali


We saw that the numbers of science students into Form 4 , Form 6 and universities in this country is not so encouraging for us to become a so called developed nation by 2020.

Why?  There are 3 reasons to this:

i)  we make science so difficult for the youngsters say age 10, 11 and 12 (primary year 4, 5 and 6).
why introduce variables, hypothesis to these kids ..what did this got to do with cows , buffaloes breeding in the farms/ flowers and vegetables growing well for our own consumption' / haze in our air; small rivers flowing from the top of a mountain  ? can't we make it more interesting/ fun.  I think life is not all about straight 'A's"  you know?  Ask Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.  Did he get all A's while he was at school some time before?

ii)  science is no fun when you enter the universities.  Say Computer Science, computer engineering, pure mathematics, physics and chemistry degrees.  We see so many unemployed graduates from I.T and science  faculties and these are the same group of bright students who took sciences from their secondary schools  with the knowledge of hypothesis, variables and assumptions ..where did they end up ..  and

iii)  there are many other alternatives out there - i.e., go for arts, cooking, pastry, management, business, laws, design and creative arts, media communication  - one has to be good in languages and mere common sense in turning one to be professional marketers earn more by selling things on the market, online market if you know how to say, persuade, convince good things to the people.  2% commission on selling 1 unit of high end apartment >>>> is much more than a    yearly income of a Upper Six Science teacher in a SMART school in M'sia.

Is that Ok?  Please think about that ..will you parents.  Don't push your young ones. Let them play some and see the beauty of learning things slowly and confidently. It is their life, not yours ..




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