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In a typical malay house there is a father and a mother.  Under their control , are their children.  This is the basis of any malay family.  You can see few girls and boys living in the house.  Everybody knows the function of the father and mother respectively. The children are well behaved and polite and they respect the father at all times else ..  you sleep outside ok? Full stop!

Similarly is an organization of what sizes it comes in.  The top end is the Director , followed by the Assistant Directors and soon all the other employees such as the Senior Executives, Executives and Technical employees.  The lowest end is the gardener or security personnel.  In order to function well, they follow some basic rules such as 0800 hours is the time to report for duty and 1700 hours is the time to go home.  The end product is every body gets paid.  The director earns the highest and the gardener the lowest.  Why?  the director came in because of his qualification like a B. Acc, B. Arch, B. Eng , B.A., B.Sc and so on and so forth. This qualification indicates he got  brain too much.  Without brain, he stays outside ..full stop!  Simple theory but every body understands that all the while.

2)  The hardest question is .. why do we need a father ?  Why the Director?

There are many kinds of answers.
In the 1950's , this kind of answer was acceptable to all people regardless of skin color , languages and culture.

May be one of the answers was,  the father took care of the family.  Yes, the whole family.  To do that, the father must be a bit brainy (clever) and brave.  He has to go out and work and soon he brings home some food, clothes and many more. By doing so, every body was happy. Proof? the mother  giving  birth happily one after the other - never stop no matter what season it was.  In the meantime,

the Director directs his organization in order to function correctly in the eyes of the King, Sultan and rest of the population.  If he directs the organization well, he will be staying there for some time and if he is lucky, he will be promoted accordingly to his seniority and/or brilliant performance .  In 1950's , we seldom hear any director from the fishing organization giving orders to the farming organisation, banking institution  and vice versa.  If he did so, he will put himself in a big , big trouble. The worst, he got shot. Yes .. his name will soon be a part of the history of all mankind.

Now in 2015, the world has changed.  Change a lot it has.  Yes, it has changed a lot in multidimensional ways. The brain has turned somehow funny.  Not only 1 malay brain , but a lot of melayu brains.  58 years ago,  a good brain commands the lesser brains but now .. the good brains are controlled by much the less brainy ones.  Someone told me ..  bomoh influence has made everybody looks more like a fool.  Nowadays,

in a family, even though there is a father and mother there is no hard and fast rule , who goes out to get the food.  Sometimes both parties left  home to get money, food, technology and other good things for the sake of everyone's well being. Some times, no body goes any where. During their absence, somebody will take of the children. That somebody can be any body.  First, the poor grand parents. Why? Since they are healthy, it is proper that they come and help to care for their grand kids.  If the grand kid is only 1 , jolly good. But if the number is more than 10, their health would suffer gradually.  First their eyes suffer , next their ears suffer and soon both grand parents could hardly moved. Why?  [next episode].   Second step, they hire their relatives (cousins, second cousins, third cousins etc etc) or they  could hire another helper who works under contract. This helper could be from another country like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the list can goes on and on.  Every one works and the final product is money. The main thing, the children are taken care of very well.  That is a mere theory of living when both parents are working hard for the money.  Yes money.  I haven't heard any story, where every body goes out to work and at the end of the month, they come back with sweet mouths, good looking faces while  their pockets are completely empty. Currently,  what ever way you wanted to say, in fact, some came back with many foul languages ..  cursing the traffic jams, police traffic and ..some spoke badly about their bosses and of course the P.M too. ( very sorry indeed , Sir!)

In a country, the top director is the Prime Minister, President  who has many ministers from many ministries , top government officers from the public administration offices etc etc.  Soon you will see , me.  A simple teacher teaching A, B, C  and 1+2 = 3.  According to the General Order and other papers , I will earn the lowest because I teach the simplest subject ..alphabets and counting 1,2, 3 .. the same thing, every day and every year.  In fact on the death bed, a teacher could continuously say that A , B, A  sounds ABA, and 1 and 2 cannot be 4.
Because of that, he earns the least while the P.M/ President   he will always earn the most.  Why?  P.M must be the cleverest man to rule the country overpowering all the cleverest  and wisest  ministers, top officers like the IGP Inspector General Police, Brigadier General, Governor of a bank , Chief Judge  and ..many more personnel with all kinds of decorations on their high respecting uniforms , glamour and some hang their certificates up onto the walls just to show how smart they were once upon a time.  P,M/ President  earns the highest respect because he could solve any problems very well at any time.  He just direct things out.  With his power, his actions looks so smart and sound.

If P.M/ leader  rules well , the country can earn more money and of course .. the economy looks superb and fine.  The country machinery  are said to be running to the hilt. Optimization Theory.  Some countries without any natural resources yet  they look so well because of their brains.  Ooops ..just to remind you country has many things - petroleum, rubber, tin, pine apples, papayas, mangoteens, durians, rice, fishes, cows, buffaloes, ..., and finally the submarines some where out there under the bright sun.  You name it, we got it.   Last year we lost two big planes but don't worry ..we have many more planes in the sky.  We lost 600 people in the air crash + unknown theory of complete disappearance  ..but the country gained hundred thousands more refugees.  Same skin color but red teeth, my man.

If the country is not ruled so well, the economy will suffer and the population will live miserably. 58 years ago, every body talked a lot  about heaven and earth every where, any time.  After death, they will go confidently to the heavens. The muslims claimed that.  The christians did say that too.  Soon every body claimed  that .. too, quietly and some so loudly.  Why?  they have no debt to bother them in their 6 feet deep graves.

3) Alas,  recently, the report went to say , our country is in the red.  We owed RM660 billion!  OMG.
660,000,000, 000 RM

I have seen only RM1000, RM10,000 monthly but my eyes have never set  this 660,000,000,000 RM.
My god. What has happened this time?

If I die and born  and die and born 10 times from the same tunnel ( my mum's womb ) , I don't think I can see this figure in my bank in Parit Raja whenever, however and what so ever.

What has gone wrong? Now many of my friends are afraid dying because they are owing the banks pretty too much. The husbands dealt with the banks, the wives too ... houses running at half million ringgit each in Klang Valley , Penang and many more places.  Alas , many men hardly mention the heaven  any more ..because those who die with hutang ...  their good deeds carry no weight in the court of Allah. O my god. Help me out!

If you don't mind ..  bring your eyes a bit up by 2 paragraphs ..  you can see what was written earlier. Right? Did you see?

Yes ... if the country is ruled very well ..  our country won't be like this.
Something is seriously wrong Sir!

not only the P.M. personal account was found to be credited with 'money' from unknown sources ..  we rakyat learnt that ..the wife enjoys the same luxury too.  Imagine!  She got few millions credited into her account too.  They can do this ..because they know .. no body can touch them any more.  They are so brave indeed.  Knowingly,  they know most of the ministers , officers are just damn fools.

In this world, I read .. if any employee were to be caught getting money directly into their own private account from other sources ..  very fishy types .  .. they would get sack.  Why?  It is the rule of the day.

but not here... a funny place.  One time, they listened to the Quraan ..  international competition year in year out ..and every time a qari/ qariah reads the surah in the dark nights of Ramadhan Al Mubaraq ..soon the translation comes.. about taqwa, heaven and hell. But listening is one thing, action is another thing.  Since islam is about the unseens, who cares ..  this is clean or dirty money. Nobody has come back from the grave and tell us any kind of stories from their graveyards. Was it a garden of full of bliss or a damn pit of hell? What was known, many got their lips shut and their balls falling down.

In short, there is a possibility, not only the ministry is poorly run, the departments are poorly controlled .. and in the final end .. how can a P.M   runs this country so well..
Can he be the best problem solver at this point in time with 660,000,000,000RM? If only he knows what conscience is.

is there anybody ..  wise and good .. that would be willing to tell him .. confess the truth and please step down.  RM660, 000, 000,000  is no small joke.  The monthly interest can just suck every thing we earn from the daily transactions from all kinds of 'goods'.  This is just simple mathematics.  If the principal is too big, the earnings we made will never be able to cater that interest , what comes may.  Many professionals are declared bankrupts .. and soon many will die .. from stress and heart attack.  My friends from MAS, Slumberjer, big and small factories lost jobs from many hooks and corners, and one day they will lose all their properties and may be ..some families will just  disintegrate and die.

Don't let us die and sink with you Mr P.M/ President.  Soon our next next generations will curse all ..bad things to us ..  you know so much ..but yet fooled us all along. What?

The country is badly run. [crying]. Really !  Is this misery/ tragedy?

The End of 1Malaysia Can.  




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    Thank you, Sir. May Allah reward you in abundance for your effort and kindness.

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