Refleksi Part 2

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Advantages of writing are:

* it cools you down
** it focuses your argument
*** it helps you to locate where you are in your 'study' -  literature review, methodology or discussion part.
* sometimes it can prove certain things to your enemies - well, you know your stuff a lot ...
** it brings you to a scholarship position

After writing, you can talk better to the audiences.
You talk better because your brain has worked on your points quite a number of times already.

Many ministers in this part of the world cannot talk well because they did not write well enough.
Their points are shallow and not serious enough to attend world summit meetings.  Sometimes, school children age 11-12 year old  would laugh at the points raised such as ..  if you cannot pay up, just use another alternatives.
another one is, if you are not having enough daily, get 2 3 jobs a day. Then you gonna be alright. (No need to see your children grow). See? Among millions of malays on this earth, najib got this in his net. (Laugh). Refer to harakah daily  this week edition. 1st jan 2016.

Just compare some of the new ministers speech with ex-premier Tun Mahathir.
His argument was sharp because he had written a lot on certain particular points. WHEN he was ON STAGE, HE JUST elaborate on those ... very convincingly.

So..  to look smart try and write ..  according to your field of interest.  Write a lot please.

TQ.  Happy new year .. every body.

p/s:  i am also learning to write


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