today is tuesday 29 December 2015

Posted by sazali


As usual I start my day with fajar solat in the nearby mosque.
After that, i shall go and buy some food for my mum and relatives who are staying i
At my residence.

The food usually is nasi lemak ikan bilis, kueh apam, cekodok pisang and some bread. They are about 20 of them there.
To supplement those food, i shall fry some bread which was dipped with eggs. It is so simple to make.

While preparing food, it is easy to read Al Quran the holy book and memorize some short verses of any selected surahs.

When visitors come, please try to entertain them at our best. Everything can except jumping from a 12 story building. He he he.  According to a hadith, if visitors come to your home, it brings with them berakah, sakinah and happiness. He he he. It shows you are there in their hearts.
Many years ago, our parents slaughtered a goat or a cow. Then they made a big feast inviting the neighbours and others. Now it is hard to practice because at 0800 am i must be at my office.

What I shall tell them , made yourself at home.
2) Oops my wife is 400 km away. She is helping her daughter who just got another baby. 10 day old girl.  If she is around, I strongly think,  i don't have to do anything in the kitchen. Now, I must take over the roles in the kitchen happily (ever after).
3) I think my relatives are going to explore many interesting places in Penang today. May be they left at 0900 am and come back late in the evening.
I cannot take any holiday today ...because i got to prepare something. If there is rezeki i shall eat something in University of Tsukuba, Japan in February 2016.
So study hard and pray really hard boy. I believe strongly, one simple thing, If god has written something for me in any place of  this earth, insyallah i shall be there no matter what. I hope i can be there. If i am somewhere, i shall do my best to walk with zikirullah in my heart. If the host ask me something i will talk a bit to the curriculum mathematics education experts from many South East Asian countries. To do that, i must get ready with lots of reading, thinking and reflections. That is my simple life. If you say subhanallah, alhamdulilah and allahuakbar any tunnel during the high speed train journey ...then that tunnel will be the witness at the court of Allah one day.
Remember Allah, then HE will remember you. How? by rewardiing you with a good health and a good brain.
I write this so that one day my own children can imitate, emulate, inculcate... , can talk to their great great grandchildren ... one of their ancestors had arrived here as an expert in his field. He..he...he..  Alhamdulilah.

O yes ..if you think nice about your guests, then Allah will talk nice about you to the inhabitants of the earth. How boy>? He will spread the wing for you ...and you shall walk to all corners of the earth. Ameen.
Friends come and go but your blood relatives remains  with you ..the rest of your life, what come may.
Remember that ok?
May god bless you. Ameen.


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