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Posted by sazali

Salam. Today ..let us count the blessings that we have in Malaysia. Sometimes we take many things for granted. As a result we got spoilt in many ways inclding ..our attitude towards the government. So the counting begins now. First we live in a peaceful country. The nikmat of peace..I cannot write enough..just ask the arabs who happen to pray in Eid this country. In some arab countries, they celebrate eid with the bullets and killings around them. Because of peace, we can marry our daughters any time of the year and after the feast , they can do their business. So nice ..the next day. Second nikmat is education. We got 11 year free education. If you are very good and happen to be melayu..the government sent you abroad to read degrees, masters n phds. After the degrees from Imperial, Manchester, Cambridge, Harvard, etc you become a professor melayu. It is ok to be eating kangkung with belachan one..the main thing is you can lecture in a peaceful country. In malaysia..we have more professors than the faculties. Where can we get that even in England and USA? if you are a chinese traders in kitchap ( soya souce) must feel the nikmat that you had constructed big malay kampungs for all these years. Since The malays are god fearing people. We did not kacau one especially the kitchap factories. In the malay kampungs you can see easily many chinese owning big houses even in malay residential populated areas. U can be rich ..and nobody disturb your houses. So what else you apek want hah? Thirdly, if you throw out a guava / papaya seed ..soon the seeds produce .. fruits .. and from the fruits we eat .. and some of us make jams, custurds etc etc .. packing them into 'products' and from there you get rich and richer. Remember you sent your children .. abroad using the land and the air of this country. So plz be grateful. If your houses got robbed ..the malay police .. came to your rescue. We never pilih bulu / chose hair one. We sacrificed our life to help the rich chinese and indians of this country. When the plane came down in the Southern Indian Ocean .. many kilometres from Perth .. it was the malay ministers who answered all the questions so that .. your children n the beloved ones can be saved once and for all. After 20 days .. the melayu are still praying in the mosques all over the country for the chinese loved children so that God save them. Yes we knew 50% of the pssengers were chinese ..but our prayers are for every one. See? Many more I can write. But I think that is enough since I was taught by many chinese and indian teachers in my secondary schools in Terengganu/ Perak .. all .. in .. i am still grateful we are in Malaysia. Why we complain and curse our own country? If you happen to be abroad ... say 50 to 100 years .. i am sure deep inside you .. you wanted to rest in peace (RIP) in this motherland called Malaysia. Why? no wars and no terrorists what.... if there is war .. yoou cannot sleep well inside the graves. Soon all your stomach and sacred belongings came out onto the surface .. and the birds , crows will be eating you up .. finish .. So be grateful to God and this country, shall we? if you want better place ... do good amals and ..let us see there .. in the heaven? mayy be the heaven is Malaysia again. Welcome Home! Wallahu aklam bis sawabbbb. (God knows best)


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