Holiday holy day

Posted by sazali

Salam I make it a point to wish "salam/ Assalamualaikum " to my readers. It means may God sends good tidings to you not only in the morning but ..may it goes on until the evening, the next day and as many days as possible. I think that sounds a bit better than to wish you for a specific period called 'today/ this morning only". 2) Friday is a special day for the muslims all through out the world. There is a friday prayer at noon for every persons who admits 'there is only one God deity to be worship - Allah .." So ...on the special occasion where Johor stated to switch back its weekends from Saturday and Sunday to Friday and Saturday ..let us feel honoured to the Al Sultan Johor for this great decision. Hopefully, we are able to be attentive to the sermons of the big imam. In order to do that ..let us hope the sermon is more interesting , more challenging to the mind of the muslims and let us heed to the advice of the Al Mighty Allah and the traditions (sayings and actions) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. (peace be upon him). Good sermons can be : 2.1 good working ethics 2.2 positive thinking among the ummah 2.3 let us produce more food from the hands of the muslims 2.4 what is so difficult about slaughtering a chicken / duck/ goat/ cow for the daily consumptions of the general population of the muslims 2.5 why we must take care of our daughters ? 2.6 the importance of saying nice things to our neighbours/ teachers/ friends/ parents. 3) Alas .. from my travelling .. sometimes ..I attended to few sermons .. and I found them to be so repeating since the time of my great great grand parents. In short it is so boring. When we are bored and our eyes are looking to the carpets.. sooner or later .. we fall asleep. Why>? the answer is .. the sermons are so out of date/ repeatitive/ .. and they are attentive to the problems of the younger generations. Sometimes the imam is so old. They can't pronounce the new terms very well such as universities, faculties, conference, antarabangsa, generasi, lesbian, gay, ..,interaktif, hipokrit, and many modern terms. So in conclusion, let us ask for hidayah and taufik so that we can go to the mosque a bit earlier than those 'jahiliah' years where we prayed at the doors/ steps/ of the mosques. Wallahu aklam bis sawabbbb.


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