Feeling nothing more than feeling

Posted by sazali

salam There are many kinds of feeling. As a teacher there are at least 3 kinds of feeling: a) tired b) fully satisfied c) angry. Let me start with the first one. As teacher , I am a bit tired when in 2002 we were asked to teach maths, sciences in English. Thhen in 2011 , we are asked to come back teaching in Malay Language. Now after 3 years trying to play with internet entering marks of our students through the central database ..controlled by the ministry in Putrajaya ... we are told .. may be ..no need anymore ..assessing our students using the 6 bands in any subjects at PMR level (13 - 15 years students). This is really ridiculous/ mad. What say you my readers? Second point is ...satisfaction. I can say many teachers are happy with their salary scale .. DG54 is better off than lecturers with PhD who are now on DS54. If one is a principal with many assistants .. then ..your life is a paradise in this region of Asia. You just have a basic degree! Bravo! c) Third point .. angry .. we are angry if our schools do not have enough water. How can we teach well ..when we cannot let go of our "waste/bombs" anytime and any where. What we know, Malaysia is rich with water. Just ask 10 year old kid to draw the map of Malaysia. It is surrounded with sea from all sides. How come ..no water now? Has the water from the sea evaporated into the sky ..just like that aghhh? We know ..we have more than 10,000 PhD holders here ..how come none of them had thought ..something useful .. how to make sure we have adequate water 24/7 all the time? Our kids are crying because they cannot swim at home. The mothers are pushing the men to hunt for water .. and soon ...some daily papers reported someone got shot .. they fought for water! See? Think better if I pen off now. Just sing this " don't worry, be happy 40 times." Till then ..bye. wasallam


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