why we forget?

Posted by sazali

Salam. As a simple human being, we opt to remember and forget things easily. When we were young, we remembered things faster and longer. But as we age , our memory gets bad to worse. Sometimes, we forget important moments that ensures life or death. That is important date with our doctors. why is that so? There are 3 reasons. Al Fatihah. first, our mind is disturb from time to time. That is why accidents occur quite often among old drivers. Second, we r famous among our neighbours and kampung folks. If we always go for masjid activities, many people think we are not too busy. We are regarded as penshnor. Our time is controlled by them and not us anymore. If there is death among the neighbors..we are the first to be informed by our friends and the rest. In this country, we try to accommodate for emergencies. So there goes our all important appointments. To avoid, just stay indoor all by yourselves n of of course..we can honour all earlier promises. finally, we forget things easily because of so many naggings . First..our wife. She likes to use this stupid introductory..words like ! Common we can't afford to ignore this, can we? Tranlation: ' tak kan ...lah...'. The second nagger is the mother. In the wholw kitabs throughout the world i.e., from the west to the east .. this mother is assumed to be the gatekeeper of the paradise. Under the mum's feet is the paradise. So logically, if the key to paradise is the mother and under their feet is the paradise .. then .. I think strongly .. they are automatic dwellers of paradise. This mother .. will call the man (son) .. many things .. examples: I am very ill. When are coming to get me to the clinic? You haven't visited me for 20 years .. have you forgotten me? Or sometimes .. they will bluntly say .. well .. what can I do .. you are putting your wife nobler than me ...right? So in the end .. the man is very confused. In the history of modern soccer .. no muslim was ever entered as the best scorer in World Cup Competitions. Yo know why? this may be the answer .. when the goal post is all wide open for him to score ..suddenly two important sms came .. the first is from the wife and the second is from the mother. Therefore feeling so .. confused he failed to score the important penalty goal for his country. So as a result .. many arab and asian teams had competed in world soccer and many left early home .. because of those important moments. He..he.. To become more manly, I think .. try to be yourself all the time. God Willing you are going to survive longer .. believe me? Please forgive .. if I did not come to your weddings, invitations, etc etc .. the answers are all up there in the earlier paragraphs. You get me .. mate? Wallahu aklam bis sawabbbb. p/s: God save your life. Ameen.


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