Lessons to learn

Posted by sazali

Salam. There are many lessons to learn from MH370 incident. Here I put three big ones: Firstly, we (the armed forces and air port staff) must be careful. If we are too complacent , the enemies will exploit the loop hole(s). We were too 'relax' with many things such as .. foreigners coming into our country and few of them manage to marry our close ones. Last time we needed them to work in plantations, rubber estates, oil fields, and offsetting opposition parties aspirations in the past general elections and now .. it seems ..something is seriously 'wrong'/ out of hand. Secondly, our training / education is not at par with other nations. Even though we have the 'money' to import technology .. when disaster struck our country .. we do not have dedicated people to tackle this mishap. We tend to rely on the foreign SAR (search and rescue). Finally, we gonna suffering in terms of image, international competencies and crisis management. We are not used to tackling big disaster at this scale. Period! The End. Wallahu aklam bis sawab. Al Fatihah.


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