Kalau kita ayah ibu merekalah..

Posted by sazali

salam Zaman sekarang ..anybody can fly? (tag line Air Asia). If we were the parents of those passengers .. how do you react to the latest development .. no news what so ever from malaysian government about the state .. of the lost plane and our children? 2) I think many of us ..are going mad, madder and maddest ..as time ticks on. Right? Why is that so? the answer is so simple. They are our beloved ones. The least the malaysian government can say is .. 26 nations are helping to search the passengers. Just keep on praying, will you? but ..it is already 11 days now. No..news what so ever. The prayers were done by all races, religions, ..even the coconuts were used to attract n get back the lost plane and its passengers. In my opinion, we have to go back to the powerful kalimah toyibah 'la ila ha illa llah ..' which means .. if the whole world gets together to get the passengers without the permission of Allah ... nothing can be done correctly. Plus if the whole world wanted to destroy us .. without the permission of Allah .. no harm can befall us. So .. trust Allah more and more now please. Let Allah does the rest i.e., miracle .. example .. MH370 suddenly pop up again in the malaysian sky tonight .. spotted by the radar and escorted by the RMAF ..hushh. It is always possible, Allah can do it. To Allah , I can trust. Allah hu Akbar!


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