Cannot hold any more water, what?

Posted by sazali

Salam. Praise be to Allah who has given us this refreshing morning and another life to appreciate the nikmat of oxygen and opportunities of working, living together with the loved ones and attending many functions near and far. Hopefully Allah gives us taufiq hidayah for us to tread in the ways that He is happy with us all the times. Ameen. Today may i write few things about assumptions/ general attitude/ taking things for granted among melayu. We assume so many things. First, in the Holy Quran .. we have to respect our mothers at all cost. Thus the mothers assume they have special blessings from the Al Mighty Creator called Allah. But one day the Messenger of Allah returned from isra mikrak .. he told his sahabahs ..that the hell was full of women. Why? Some women were ungrateful to their husbands and many more their ill doings like back biting, slandering and "exposing" their bodies to the men folks. Examples of ungratefulness are plenty. Belittling what the husband provide to them is a coomon thing and a big sin. This came about from someone's upbringing. If they were used to good life ..marrying a poor man ..would lead someone to ... hell knowingly or unknowingly. Astaghfirullah hal azeem. The second assumption is .. the world expect the men to provide the basic necessities of life such as .. food, clothing, housing , insurance, cars and many more. In my humble mind, that might be true 50 to 1500 years ago. Now ..the world is full of working women. And surprisingly .. some men stay at home guarding the children. Since the women brought more money and food to the dining tables .. their heads get bigger and bigger/ arrogance. Some ladies stop listening to their husbands small advise (smaller brains). So assuming that the men is having the upper hands over the ladies does not true anymore unfortunately. This create problem between the 2 key players. The men and the women. Sooner or later ..divorces are too prevalent in the societies not only in The Middle East but also covering many other smaller countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. So the assumption .. man is the sole bread winner looks weaker day by day. It is not true any more. The women can hunt better/ bigger for the food than the soft men. I think can see many other assumptions ..such as when we put our hands up to the heaven ..Allah will pardon us. But sayings ..goes to this effect .. if you have syirik ..Allah will not forgive you. So by that ..we put ourselves to the fire of hell. Btw, what is syirik? If we think our brain and strength give us food, power anď glory ..than the Almighty Allah .. that is a syirik a u zubillah min zaliq. If we think associating ourselves to umno/ Brunei palaces/ PUTRAJAYA/ PETRONAS/ TOYOTA/ IBM gives us sustenance 24/7 ..that is also syirik. In fact we have elements of syirik most of the time. So we are marching to hell ..right? o .. time is so jealous of me writing more and more. I got to pen off now. Next time ..God Willing ..i may write more. Please 1000 apologies ..if you do not agree with this writings..if you like it ..thanks be to Allah alone. Subhanallah, alhamdulilah and aĺlahuakbar. May Allah pardons me and you. Ameen. Think plz....


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