Happy Teacher's Day

Posted by sazali

Salam For me as a father , I think I have a Happy Teacher's day everyday. Why? We are asked to do our work diligently as required by the Al Mighty Allah. How? Come punctually to the class, mark the papers and comment on the students' common errors. I teach maths only. Many people celebrate many kinds of auspicious days like ..the Mother's Day, Father's Day, Warrior's day, Farmer's Day ... but sometime I think, it is not so important to celebrate all those days actually. What really matter is .. we do our work as committed as we can as a father, mother or a Warrior as employed by the government. As a child, we must take care of our old mother come shine or rain. Why celebrate that day .. mother's day ..when most of the time we went missing from our mother's side? Is that not right, my dear? He..he.. what is the point of all those celebrations when deep inside us .. we know well in advance .. we are not doing our job the best that we can. Our country imported ships and lorries / trelers of rice from other Asian countries annually yet .. we have the Farmer's Day. 2) If you were to read .. the trend of our students' ability in writing, reading, arithmetic, mathematics and many more .. our so called products i.e., the students were categorized much lower than Vietnam, Thailand .. and many more countries .. some where near the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and many remote islands .. in fact these countries .. they spent less on their education system annually..but ..they performed much better than us. Refer to PISA 2013, 2011 and TIMMS 2011, 2009, 2007 .. the message is very clear .. some of us (including me most probably) ..we are not really doing our jobs what we are suppose to do .. right? 3) One day/night MH370 flew over some body's head / eyes .. but no urgency was shown. At last ..MH370 was never found at all until today (60 - 90 days after it lost from the radar system in Vietnam). Someone called the bomoh, 2 coconuts and the Aladdin's carpet to the airport .. (someone told me that you know ) ..but ..alas .. those doa never work when we really need them. See? 4) Never mind .. let us continue with all those celebrations ..Teacher's day, Mother's Day and Warrior's Day .. we are good at celebrating many of these days come shine or rain. We eat a lot, we laugh a lot .. because by doing so .. we gonna create a harmonious country. Who cares ..PISA, TIMMS or World's University rankings? As long as .. we are united all the time .. we are doing just fine .. all the time. May God save us. Ameen. God saves the Nation. Wasallam.


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