Common sense

Posted by sazali

Salam. If you are using SPSS, you must check your data first. Double check the data entry plz. Is it ok? Imagine your output is .... all the tables got the same number regardless of many different items in the questionnaire forms. The sample of population is been asked to respond/ questioned from the forms issued. Then if you think deeper, I think what you got is pretty rubbish. Why? I saw many tables with the same figures .. across many pages of your report. Nonsense! Just think about it. Or it could be a make-up data/ the students did not do the data collection themselves in the field work. They are putting the data themselves without meeting the sample of population as instructed. If you are caught with cheating, .. may be your coursework is '0' / you are going to be penalized for cheating/ make up story. So watch out .. I just award '0' in the coursework / project section for some one. I am so sorry. Wasallam/.


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