what happeng?

Posted by sazali

Salam. Too many holidays? In malaysia we have many kinds of holidays. Why? Multiraces, multi religions and multi ...culture. There are many good points about holiday. Those are it encourage tourism, good bonding among races and of course good 'makan'. But there are many bad points too when we have so much holidays. Among them ..we lost momentum in many sectors of industries and teaching learning world. As teachers, our students lost their focus ..in reading and understanding harder work. The research world lost concentration and we lost sharp analysis and discussions and publications. As a result we lost some grounds in World Ranking among Universities etc etc. After any holiday , we took many hours, days and weeks to regain our composure , sharpness and true genious. Alas ..who am I To complain about these plus and minus points from these long long holidays. More holidays, more cars on the roads ..and the law of probability ..more deaths is waiting for us some where out there. Aghh.. difficult to focus lah. So many holidays... tq.


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