Everything starts from the first step ..

Posted by sazali

Salam Most of us have some ambition. Some like to open a restaurant in the down town of Kota Bharu. Some like to write the 'best selling ' book. Some like to marry a working wife. Some ... many many more targets. But .. to be honest .. every ambition/ desire/ wish .. must start from somewhere called the first step. If you want to be a great writer like Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhammad ( the doctor in the house) .. it must start from some where. Let me explain carefully. To be a great writer .. one has to read a lot. Experience plays an important part in writing too. Next is .. we be friend with some friends who enjoy reading, making helpful comments and etc etc. By reading these comments with a good heart .. we can progress to another platform called 'excellence'. I was challenged by my ex-Dean .. one good old day to write a book. He put these words across to many of his staff "..if you can write a thesis for your BSc , a masters' thesis MIT and a PhD thesis ..why can't you write a book dedicated to the Malaysian public?" I took that challenge quietly and positively. It took me a few years to put my first book in the library/ market. Why? I got to bring down our 'hard earned knowledge' to some where that many commoners would be able to understand what you wrote. In the end, I learnt that that book cannot beat Tun's book in terms of sales and popularity ..but it is ok. FYI, Dr Mahathir was a Malaysian Prime Minister. Me? I am a simple mathematics teacher posted once in Tumpat, Kelantan and Wakaf Che Yeh, Kota Bharu. But it is ok.. really? As long as there is a book with your name some where on this planet called the earth... I think that is jolly good. He..he.. I am writing another book(s) .. because after the first book ..there is some inbuilt confidence called momentum .. building in .. into the thinking and writing processes. Right? In physics, maintain that momentum. The light will shine better. Keep on writing .. boy. With that .. good bye for today. Please write something a day. Soon you have a collection of writings .. and who knows you can beat Tun' book. Believe me? Cherio. Wasallam.


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