dik dak dik dak jantungku berbunyi

Posted by sazali

Salam. Hati student psm2 atau fyp ..selalu berdebar debar menjelang hari pembentangan projek mereka masing masing. Biasalah ..itu satu kelaziman bila kita berstatus pelajar tahun akhir. ini ada tips how to control the heart beating. First check your objectives of the projek. If it meets the objective.. then you are considered a pass. Second step ..practice the presentation 2 or 3 times with your sv, friends or nice hearted lecturers. If they ask you a question, try and answer it the best you can. If you cant, ask them how should you answer it then. third..try and speak nicely, politely, professionally ..n for god sake dont cry. This is not a drama swasta u know? finally think ahead 2 hours after the presentations. Sure u will smile a lot. Think hard of that moment ..n good luck. Mak dan ayah ..sure doa untuk mu. salam


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