Different kinds of journey

Posted by sazali

Salam When we were small , our parents gave us some money to school. That money was used to buy food and many more things (pencils, erasers, books) at school. When we grew up bit more, our parents gave us more money for us to go to the university. The money has to be increased because the journey in the university is much longer and complicated ( 3 - 5 years) So both journeys were different and the money was in different values/ forms. How about us going to the next world? I think the journey ..there is much much longer and complicated. So how much .. must we have to survive there? Any answer plz? Remember Prophet Adam (a.s) and Prophet MUhammad (s.a.w) .. they had gone on that road thousand of years ago. How much was required to survive in the world called grave , ... , and many many more challenging places? Do we stop a moment and think about this my dear? TQ. Do give a moment ..and make important steps .. to have a safe journey, shall we? Wasallam


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