Exam time

Posted by sazali

Salam This Monday 9th June 2014 .. the exam is ON. Wish my students all the best though. Just to consider: (i) take care of your health. (ii) take good food like milk, nasi lemak, fruits such as oranges and mangoes. (iii) do some jogging if yo are tired with so many theorems and stats distribution. make sure you can differentiate discrete and continous type of distributions. Why some adjustments have to be done in appoximation work between Binomial and Normal? ----------- Exam is very interesting. It tells you .. how much my students had studied so far. Without exams ..it is hard to tell .. how much each one of them know after all the contents of stats. He..he.. More over exams will some how tells me ..how effective was my teaching too? Some students got a very high carry mark and some scored very low. Imagine getting 1 mark out of 40 marks in TEST1. It is you alone who can explain that .. The summary is from my experience ... it is not good to use English in teaching maths/ stats in this university. Majority are malay students and some arab. Some of them cannot even distinguish what 'themes/ sub themes' and 'football teams' really mean. Syok sendiri sahaja guru / lecturer ini bukan? When the students are weak in English .. just use the mother's language. Better I suppose. It solves 200% of all this PnP problem. Buyers and 'bias' ? If the result is bad ..may be three explanations : first bad teachers, second the struggling students themselves and finally all of them are poor. Is that so? Oh my God! Wallahu aklam bis sawab.


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