one two three we all r busy counting

Posted by sazali

Salam. One two three four. Simple counting in arithmetic. One is the daddy. Second is the mummy. Three can represent the daughters and four let this be the grandma (fathers side). One day i went to a small gathering in Cherang, Kota Bharu. An ustaz was giving a small talk about responsibilities. He focused on one critical moment in the Court of Allah. The father was about to enter the paradise but as he was about to enter paradise ..three kinds of ladies made the last disnh to stop him. Why? These three women argued that the man did not discharge his duty to ensure the three ladies to do their daily prayers. He didnt bother to check the ladies to put cover on their bodies. Even though the months of Ramadhan came, the father never exert enough power to check the ladies observe the fasting. If the women missed the days of fasting ..he cared less. When the grandmother was still living, the son never warned her not to go out the house without putting the correct islamic attire. See ..the aurat of an old lady is still strictly put under the eyes of Allah. Other than that, the father did not stress the importance of seeking knowledge about religion, halal and haram among his girls. As a result, the girls and the mother put on tight clothes once they went for their business and daily work. The man failed to check the manner how to talk to the public and he put a blind eye on what types of men, his girls mixed with. One Two Three Four ..Allah is so angry. Allah puts all of them into the hell. ONE ..THE MAN sent to hell and once he was dumbed into the fire..he brought along Two His wife. Three ..the girls joined their parents ..and ..not long ..the grandma also followed suit. See? The story behind one, two, three , four. The counting also applies in the court of Allah not only in my mathematics class alone. the sound of that counting..still playing in my ears but the story that accompanies it all along. in conclusion, as a father , we are always accountable with the three groups of people behind him. May Allah helps us all to understand tthis. Ameen.


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