Posted by sazali

Salam. A man has many responsibilities ranging from the smallest task to the biggest one. The smallest task is to find food, shelter and security. The biggest is to bring his family and himself to the heaven. Inspite of these fact, man engrossed himself in accomplishing himself in the above smallest task i.e. finding food. For that he wakes up early in the morning , drive a taxi for example to seek money in order to buy food. Sometimes the wife join too ..and at the end they get more food and better home. Rarely man gives a time to think this all about life? For mans success, Allah sent prophets and the Holy Quraan. Why? Because Allah loves us so much. In one chapter in the Holy Quraan ..Allah swears with time that man is at loss except ..those who have faith called iman and do good deeds. He must invute others to Allahs obedience and be patient sabar in doing this. Since we have limited time ..we must bee careful with our lives. May Allah bless you and me. Ameen.


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